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10 Ways Mercury Retrograde Affects Your Love Life

When Mercury is retrograde, you have to be very careful!

you’ve certainly heard of Mercury retrograde, but you may not know exactly what it’s all about. Mercury is retrograde usually a few times a year and lasts for a few weeks. When the planet appears to be moving backward in its orbit, the impact on your relationships and love life can be devastating.

10 Ways Mercury Retrograde Affects Your Relationships and Love Life

You are not thinking clearly

Your thinking will be confusing. You won’t think enough to make rational decisions, and you’ll probably misinterpret things. Be careful when dating, because you may do things thinking that there might be more between you two than a simple one-time date. Dating can be just dating. You may have a date that has a chance to happen again, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it can turn into a real relationship.

Even if it seems like it’s heading in the right direction, remember that Mercury retrograde brings temporary relationships and you shouldn’t get too attached to the person you’re dating.

Everything is inexplicably strange

The atmosphere between you and your partner is strange, and interactions with them can be quite awkward. You may also be stuck in a certain mindset, overpowering everything you’ve done in your life at any given time.

All your relationships can be shaken

Mercury retrograde doesn’t just affect the relationship with the person you’re dating right now. It is also possible to affect your ex/former partner who suddenly appears in your life with a lot of things to say. No relationship is exempt from this madness.

You may be quite withdrawn

Everything happens in slow motion, so you won’t attend many social events and you won’t be prompt when it comes to romantic dates.

If you try to force yourself to do what you don’t want to do, you will feel very uncomfortable.

Things are running late

Mercury retrograde makes you and everyone else prone to delays. This can mean a delay in a love meeting, making the person waiting for you out of their mind.

You should not make any important decisions

With all the fog and ineffective communication floating in the air during this time, you shouldn’t make any important decisions. Even if you do, your decisions may change once Mercury retrograde comes to an end. Try not to enter into any serious agreements, as you can be seen as dishonest or unstable when you inevitably change your mind. It’s not that you’re cunning, but circumstances can change.

Your messages can be misinterpreted

Communication is chaos during Mercury retrograde. People are prone to jump to conclusions and make assumptions. You can do the same, misinterpreting messages that are kind and loving. It is a time of confusion.

Buying gifts can be a bad idea

Don’t buy anything expensive, but even symbolic gifts are not the best idea. You can find this out when you go to purchase them and discover that the desired products are no longer in stock. Or, you’ll buy them and regret it later. Also, your partner can discover what surprise you are preparing for him.

You may be more forgetful

It is not excluded that you forget your phone at home and have to return home for it, thus being late for the meeting. Forgetfulness is inevitable during this period, causing you to act erratically.

You can also lose gifts, so if you have a gift for someone, be extremely considerate/considerate.

You could be indecisive

Breakups often happen while Mercury is retrograde because everyone is in a daze. After that, you will most likely feel terrible and change your mind. This is very possible if you are involved in a relationship, and it can come from both you and your partner equally.

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