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3 Signs Of The Zodiac Will Soon Start A New Life: They Will Wipe The Slate Clean

What are the 3 signs of the zodiac who will soon make a clean sweep of their past, and start a new life?

Venus, the planet of love and sensuality, will transit through the sign of Taurus, which she rules from March 16 to April 11. The natives of these 3 signs of the zodiac will be able to end once and for all with the disappointments in love that they have known in the past. This planet that governs romantic relationships is favorable to love and harmony. On March 19, Mercury, the planet of business and communication, will enter the fiery sign of Aries. This planetary movement will endow these zodiac signs with the energy and motivation they need to make a fresh start in their professional lives.

  • Taurus

The native of this sign will make a new start in his life during the next few days. Thanks to the transit of Venus, Taurus will easily cross paths with love. He will have a great chance of meeting his soul mate, and putting an end to the celibacy and loneliness that gnawed at him in the past. Since Venus rules all forms of love, this Earth sign will feel loved and cherished with family, or surrounded by loved ones and friends. By the way, Taurus is a very loving sign. In love, he is known for his fidelity and loyalty. One-night stands don’t interest him. Rather, he is looking for stable relationships, and when he commits, it’s for life! Over the next few days, this epicurean of the zodiac will experience changes in his professional life as well. The New Moon in Aries on March 21 will be the perfect time for Taurus to invest in an exciting project and evolve in their work. Indeed, new moons mark new beginnings in our lives. This Earth sign will set ambitious and challenging new professional goals. Besides, Taurus is a very ambitious sign. Nothing can stop his determination. The native of this sign will soon reap the fruit of his efforts. His fame will skyrocket, and he will be talked about a lot for himself and his accomplishments.

  • Virgo

The native of this sign will learn to let go more during the next few days. The perfectionist nature of this earth sign pushes him to try to control everything, but this often ends up tiring him. Virgo does not have to worry during the coming days, because the stars favor this native of the zodiac during March. With Venus in Taurus, the native of this sign will change his way of seeing romantic relationships. He will gain maturity, and thus make his love life evolve. Mercury in Aries will allow Virgo to be more daring in their personal and professional relationships. She will know how to express her needs and set her limits. This earth sign will thus earn the respect of others. At work, Mercury favors his projects. The New Moon of March 21 will be an opportunity to start a new start in his career, and to achieve the professional ascent to which he aspires.

  • Leo

The native of this sign will soon experience positive changes in his life, which will allow him to break with his past. On the heart side, Venus will allow him to be happy in his love life. This planet will fill his heart with love and will put on his way a person who corresponds to his expectations. The native of this sign will continue to receive the blessings of the planet of love and sensuality, throughout March. This will make him forget the romantic disappointments of the past and will allow him to channel his energy into the new experiences that will be offered to him. Thus, he will be able to stop the ruminations of the past. At work, Leo makes a fresh start, especially with the New Moon in Aries. This ambitious zodiac sign will be very confident during this month. It is this surge of confidence that will allow him to move forward, and to dare new professional experiences. Endowed with an iron mind, Leo is not afraid to think outside the box and embark on new experiences. Thanks to his determination, he goes all the way to his goals, without ever giving up. This is why this Fire sign is one of the astrological signs.  that succeed in life.

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