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3 Zodiac Signs Now Have To Work On Themselves

Three zodiac signs will have to show their true strength in the week beginning April 29th, because an astrological storm is brewing.

The stars announce a storm that will leave its mark on three zodiac signs in particular. From April 29th, these zodiac signs will have to wrap up warm again and face major challenges. You can find out how these can be mastered here.

#1 Gemini

Singles are currently enjoying their freedom and are untouchable towards their dates. In your relationship, you and your partner simply can’t see eye to eye, which leads to a lot of discussions.

After all, Mercury and Mars are on your side at work and allow you to think creatively and innovatively. But be careful: You should now be clearer in your communication and work on cohesion as a team.

In terms of sport, you can currently get excited about a lot of new activities. You don’t know exactly where you’re going yet, but that’s not important at the moment. Instead, try to focus on your well-being now and do what makes you happy.

#2 Libra

As a single person, you’re excited at the moment and you’re taking advantage of every flirt that comes into your sights. Sometimes you might want to take your foot off the accelerator a little so as not to scare away the other person. Lovers now need new impulses in bed.

Things aren’t particularly rosy at work at the moment. Your team lacks ideas and inspiration. Now an emergency solution must be found quickly. Don’t let a little low ruin your mood – things will look up again soon.

Your limit will quickly be reached this week. It’s better to rely on Netflix & Chill and skip sports this week. Still, try to keep an eye on your diet and feed your body with nutrients and vitamins.

#3 Scorpio

Singles are finding it difficult to decide at the moment. Conflicting signs send you a bad gut feeling. Is there love involved or not? You are faced with essential questions in the relationship. You should now discuss this with your partner.

You have a lot of ideas in your head just waiting to be implemented. But you waste too much time in your little world of thoughts. If you want to achieve something at work, you should communicate now.

On the one hand, you are particularly motivated in terms of sport this week and are just waiting to master the next challenge. On the other hand, sometimes you just can’t beat your inner weaker self. Try to find a balance here and interpret your body’s signals correctly.

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