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3 zodiac signs that can’t keep a secret: Be careful what you say to them!

Trustworthy people are hard to find. The stars show us who to beware of when we have secrets.
There are people to whom you can entrust even the biggest secrets – you can rely on them with your eyes closed. But around each of us there are people who can ruin your life if you entrust them with information that you don’t want everyone to know.
After all, why are some people very discreet and others so careless when they find out some people’s secrets? The answer could be offered by everyone’s zodiac sign, writes PureWow. Here are the zodiac signs that cannot keep a secret and that you should avoid when you have something to hide:


Being the philosopher of the horoscope, Sagittarius is less concerned with facts and more interested in the truth.

Vibrant, intense and charismatic nature, he is recognized for his talent for storytelling and exaggeration. Be careful not to tell him anything confidential – if it’s a good enough story, he’ll tell others too!


Geminis are masters of gossip, so they can’t keep their mouths shut. Zodiac governed by the planet Mercury, the symbol of the messenger, feels an acute need to communicate and spread the news. It’s true that Gemini are the soul of the party, but you can’t count on them when you’re planning a surprise. Not because they want to destroy someone’s life, but because they simply like to play by their own rules. They are careful with sensitive information, but that is until they come across a party – there they spread everything they know.


Another sign ruled by Mercury, Virgo loves to talk. Like Pisces, he tends to get involved in the lives of others. But if Pisces can be silent as a grave when it comes to secrets, Virgo can’t help it. If he has to help you, you have to accept that he will do it his way, and if you make the mistake of opposing him, he is careful to explain to everyone that you made a mistake. This includes revealing secrets if this helps her to understand.

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