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3 Zodiac Signs That Might Break Up With Their Partners This Holiday Season

As joyful as the holiday season is, it can also seriously complicate your relationships. If you have already had problems before, then even the most minor disagreements during this period will be perceived much worse. While some people prefer to wait until the holidays are over to consider ending a relationship, astrologers say there are zodiac signs who don’t hesitate to break up with their partner during the New Year holidays. Who are they? This is what we will find out now!

If you go strictly in sun signs as opposed to the Moon or Venus which govern relationship styles, we would say that fire signs are more likely to instigate a breakup before the holidays are over. These representatives of the zodiacal circle are more impulsive and live in the present moment. If the relationship isn’t working, they’re not going to waste time.

Air signs like Aquarius and Gemini can also break up with a partner during the holidays as they tend to be more disconnected in their bonding styles. Since they tend to be more logical, it wouldn’t make much sense for them to wait until the holidays are over to end the relationship if it’s not working out right now.

But there is one more sign of the Zodiac, which has serious ups and downs in relationships can expect, and it belongs to the group of earth signs. Unfortunately, his love life will likely undergo drastic changes.

With that said, this holiday season is going to be especially interesting. Romantically, for many zodiacs, everything can be pretty cool, but not critical. And now let’s take a closer look at who can expect parting in the coming holidays.

3 zodiac signs that may break up with their partners for the holidays


This holiday season, Saturn will go into opposition with Leo, which will be the “oppressor” of happiness for the fun sign of Fire. According to Monahan, Leo symbolizes romance, fun, and creativity, while Saturn is a planet that can be characterized by time, hard work, effort, and perseverance.

This life period will not be easy at all for the beautiful Leo. Sobering changes in relationships are coming, there will be a feeling that the veil will fall from your eyes and you will see everything in a real light. After such revelations, Leo may begin to feel limited or oppressed in a relationship. It may seem to him that this relationship is no longer interesting, and he may decide to leave for something more clear and definite. To someone, you can trust.


Aquarius is an interesting case because during the holidays he feels more free than ever. He wants to feel free and not be burdened with all sorts of worries, if he does not succeed, then he begins to feel oppression.

While this should not spell doom and gloom for his relationship, in general, it can be said that Aquarius, during this period, will begin to place more emphasis on creating and maintaining a secure relationship. For each representative of this sign, the concept of a “safe” relationship may vary.

If you are an Aquarius, currently in a casual relationship, you might consider ending it for something more serious. If you want something more solid and serious, everything else may disappear for you.


Things aren’t going to go well for this holiday season for this earth sign who’s used to comfort and stability. The case concerns love relationships that can go wrong. And Taurus does not like unpleasant surprises that violate his arranged and thoughtful life.

This sign of the Zodiac, on holidays, will experience stress, he will be annoyed and pissed off by loved ones. This is not typical for the usually calm Taurus. He will want to give up everything and go home, from these ungrateful people. But whether Taurus does this or not is 50/50.

All this stressful situation can cause a “battle of wills” in Taurus and will be a difficult time for him as a whole. If the situation still escalates to the limit, Taurus or his partner may decide to end the relationship. This is not a 100% prediction, so everything can always be replayed.

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