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Love energy does not accompany us all the time. And that’s okay. Therefore, at one time a person feels that he is ready to hug and kiss the whole world, and those around him respond in the same way, and at another time he feels a decline, and relationships – friendly or romantic – do not stick together.

From our article, you will find out which representatives of which signs will be overboard the “love boat” in January. Don’t be upset if you find your sign on the list. Everything is temporary – most likely, the situation will change in February.

1 Aries

Aries who are in a relationship will periodically catch themselves on negative emotions towards their partner. Moreover, even things that previously caused positive feelings will begin to annoy. Claims and constant dissatisfaction will logically lead to quarrels. During conflicts, non-obvious problems will surface that will only aggravate the situation. The only way to avoid a bad atmosphere at home and parting is to control your impulses and remember that everyone has their shortcomings, and a controversial moment can be resolved peacefully.

Aries-loners in January it is better not to go on dates. Romantic meetings will disappoint and become a waste of time – communication with a satellite will not work out at best, and at worst it will end on a tense note.

2 Sagittarius

Sagittarians – in pairs and singles – will be charged for activity in January. Representatives of the sign will begin to express themselves vehemently and at the same time will try to pull their loved ones to their rhythm, not taking into account that they want to move at their own pace. Such resistance from a loved one or potential partner will not only upset Sagittarius but also lead to a mild stage of rabies. For representatives of the sign, such behavior is a rejection of their care and outgoing initiative. Due to the categorical internal attitude, it will be difficult for Sagittarius to build communication, including those aimed at romance. In their case, you need to try not to destroy with your pressure the level of mutual understanding and sympathy that already existed.

3 Aquarius

Aquarius will be gentle and caring, but in January their courtesy will not be appreciated. Moreover, it will seem to someone that such behavior is insincere, so the representatives of the sign will be suspected of flattery. This is understandable because usually Aquarians are no longer focused on their interests – caring for others is more an exception than a rule for them. However, the energy of the month created a miracle, which, unfortunately, went out of sync with the love line. Such a discrepancy at some point will hurt Aquarius, and they will rebel. The accumulated discontent will result in a quarrel with a loved one or interfere with communication with a person they like.

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