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4 Signs Of The Zodiac Are Threatened With A Separation In May

The earth sign Taurus season begins on April 21st and lasts until May 20th before the zodiac sign Gemini takes over. However, the next few weeks are not just about Taurus, but also have a major influence on four other signs of the zodiac – especially when it comes to relationships…

What influence does the Taurus season have?

From April 21st to May 20th the zodiac sign Taurus rules. What does that mean? The earth sign is known for appreciating the finer things in life and enjoying them to the fullest. This is exactly what is reflected in Taurus season: weeks full of enjoyment, joy of life, and sensuality await us. At the same time, Taurus can also be quite stubborn and that also has an impact on the coming weeks. As we enjoy life, we may tend to do our own thing rather than be considerate of those around us. And of course that can have negative consequences – especially for our romantic relationships…

According to the horoscope, four zodiac signs should be particularly careful in Taurus season so as not to jeopardize their relationship. You can find out here who will otherwise have to be prepared for a love break-up.


The Aquarius zodiac sign is one of those who finds it difficult to commit and needs a lot of space. And sometimes this need appears out of nowhere – even though everything was going wonderfully before… This is exactly what could happen in Taurus season: you suddenly feel like the closeness in your relationship is getting too much for you and you start to distance yourself. Of course, what helps you in this situation doesn’t make your partner feel good and arguments are inevitable. The better solution is to communicate your emotions openly. Otherwise, there will be a breakup that you will regret later.


Leo-born people love to put themselves at the center of the action. However, especially in Taurus season, you should be careful not to overdo it and also think about your partner. During this period, misunderstandings could increasingly creep into your relationship, which urgently needs good communication. If you act carelessly, uncompromisingly, and without thinking about the possible consequences, the drama could become quite big. Think carefully about whether you want to risk your relationship.


Libra-born people have to be prepared for real emotional chaos in Taurus season. Have you not listened to your own needs enough in the past and instead always did what was best for your partner? These are exactly the questions that could increasingly concern you now and lead you to change your behavior. This is also the right way, but you should still be careful: if you act too selfishly now, it could jeopardize your relationship. It’s better to have a conversation and not present your partner with a fait accompli.


Those born under the zodiac sign Gemini often show two faces. During Taurus season from April 21st to May 20th, you may find yourself torn between closeness and distance and often feel like you’re being restricted. Instead of distancing yourself and making your partner feel bad, you should talk to him or her about your feelings. In the end, your inner conflict causes you to break up completely hastily during an argument – and you certainly don’t want that, do you?

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