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4 Zodiac Signs May Face Disruption Due To The March 2024 Full Moon Eclipse.

Let the past become ancient history. We’re currently in the middle of eclipse season, which means there’s no shortage of dramatic twists and turns. If you’re already feeling the effects of the cosmic blow, you could be among the zodiac signs most affected by the full moon lunar eclipse in Libra in March 2024. You’re literally in the heart of the storm!

But let’s be honest: There’s no reason to fear an eclipse, so don’t let the experience scare you. In astrology, eclipses open a karmic door for 28 days, and during this period anything can happen. An eclipse can only occur when the full moon or new moon is in either of the zodiac signs located on the North Node or South Node.

The North Node represents your future and your ultimate destiny, while the South Node represents the energetic baggage of your past. If your zodiac sign is affected by an eclipse, it could indicate a sudden and unexpected turn in your life. If you’re already feeling the weight of change, don’t worry: the universe knows what it’s doing.

Sometimes the changes occurring during the eclipse season can be drastic, and completely life-altering. Other times the change may be more subtle and internal, but deeply felt. Whatever form they take, the next total lunar eclipse will disrupt your reality in one way or another.

Scheduled for March 25 at 5:33 a.m. French time, this full moon and penumbral lunar eclipse will occur at 5 degrees Libra. This eclipse could have a major impact on your relationships, with Libra being the cardinal air sign of harmony, balance, and individual partnerships. Opposite the sun in Aries, a sign of independence and singularity, Libra represents “the other” in our lives.

The upheavals caused by these changes will be mitigated by the presence of Venus, the planet of love and harmony, which is currently passing through Pisces, the sign where it is considered particularly powerful. While some of you might be going through breakups, there’s also a good chance that many will reconcile. With Venus conjunct Saturn, the planet of karma and maturity, this phase of relationships will require perseverance and commitment. Additionally, with this eclipse forming a sextile with Pluto, the planet of transformation, you can expect to release the weight of past burdens and heal old wounds.

Since this lunar eclipse occurs when the South Node is also in Libra, it will have the effect of eliminating what is no longer aligned with our destiny. The South Node symbolizes the karma of our past experiences, and when transiting Libra, it highlights relationships that do not contribute to our highest personal development, as well as behaviors of codependency, passivity, and complacency towards others.

This lunar eclipse also shortly precedes a total solar eclipse scheduled for April 8, which will take place at 19 degrees Aries. Since this upcoming eclipse will take place at the North Node, it is likely to call for new energies, new beginnings, and new relationships in our lives, as the North Node represents our future and our highest potential. Examining the areas of your life ruled by Aries and Libra in your birth chart will help you understand how these eclipses have impacted you.

Here’s why the March 2024 full moon eclipse heralds massive changes that could shake up the lives of these 4 zodiac signs

If your sun, moon, or especially your ascendant is in one of the zodiac signs below, and particularly between 0 and 10 degrees, the imminent lunar eclipse in Libra could mark a moment of revelation. Here is the reason:


Have you been worried about anyone in your life lately, Aries? It could be your partner, your best friend, a business associate, or even your archenemy. Regardless of who this person is, the current eclipse is pushing you to evolve in your relationship with them, as well as how you interact with others in general.

If the situation is tense, you might consider ending the relationship due to the toxic dynamics within it. On the other hand, if everything goes well, you may feel the desire to become more committed to this person.

However, the energy of this eclipse can be imprecise. Rather than a drastic change in your relationship, you might notice a complete transformation in your perspective on relationships in general.

Consider what you can do to improve harmony in your interactions with others, and to cultivate healthier, mutually beneficial relationships in the future. Whatever happens, trust that these events contribute to your highest good.

Also remember that eclipses are catalysts for change, directing your path toward your ultimate destiny and triggering transformations that will last for at least the next six months.


Have you been feeling growing nervousness about your career lately, Cancer? Have you perhaps realized that you have reached the pinnacle of your current position and feel ready for new challenges?

Everything seems to indicate yes. This lunar eclipse occurring in your 10th house of career, reputation, and authority could push you to consider something completely different professionally. You may be on the verge of a major milestone in your journey to success, preparing for or adapting to significant changes.

You might announce something that surprises your friends, followers, or fans, or you might take the world by surprise by changing career paths, accepting a promotion, or leaving a job that no one expected you to do. see renounce.

Since this eclipse is in opposition to the sun in your fourth house of home and family, you may feel the impact of these changes not only in your professional life but also in your personal life.

Either way, it will open the door to many more opportunities in the future, bringing you one step closer to the career you’ve long been destined for.


You are at the very center of this lunar eclipse, Libra. This implies that the spotlight is on you and that you play the leading role in this upcoming period of change. Even though you may not be used to this much attention, you can’t deny that it reignites a flame within you.

This eclipse pushes you toward change by pushing you away from your comfort zone and inspiring you to act more boldly. You just need to leave behind anything that hinders your ability to follow your deepest instincts and express yourself authentically.

You might find yourself doing something unpredictable (or, conversely, something completely predictable). When an eclipse occurs in your zodiac sign, it always indicates an important personal milestone.

But the end of one chapter also means the beginning of the next. Expect separations and closures, but also reunions and new beginnings.


Are chaos and unpredictability brewing for you, Capricorn? Are you transcending your current life situation to make room for new emotional roots?

This lunar eclipse occurring in your fourth house, that of home, family, and domestic affairs, could push you to undertake a significant change in your living environment or family dynamics.

Whether you’re considering moving to a new city or welcoming a new addition to your family, these changes carry emotional depth, combining pain, love, beauty, and laughter. Take a step back and observe how these transformations help heal the wounds of your childhood.

Either way, these developments will open the door to many new long-term opportunities, bringing you closer to the type of home you’ve always wanted.

At the same time, as this eclipse is in opposition to the sun in your tenth house of career and public reputation, you can expect changes in your inner sphere to lead to major developments in your professional life.

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