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Disperse, like ships at sea, harder than it seems. Therefore, often, after parting, former partners can periodically meet. This happens for several reasons:

  • Habit. Especially if the relationship was long-term.
  • Fear of getting close to others. Even if there is resentment towards the former, the feeling of “no one understands me except him” may not let go for a long time.

From our article, you will find out which representatives of which signs most often step on this “rake” and what pushes them to take these “two steps back”.

1 Taurus

2 Scorpio

Scorpios do not like to commit themselves to a serious relationship. Therefore, if they opt for someone, this is definitely serious. that Scorpios are seriously attached to the object of their passion and will not retreat from this love, not on their initiative. But even in cases where Scorpios leave on their own, they can continue to remind of themselves – because it is not so easy for them to get along with someone.

Another reason why representatives of the signed return to the former are sex. For Scorpios, this is an important component of the relationship – if the intimate life was gorgeous with the ex-lover, they will, again and again, try to get in touch. Perhaps even the new relationship with the former partner will not stop them.

3 Cancer

Cancers are the main romantics of the zodiac circle. They invest in every relationship without a trace, so they are not ready to give them up, just a little. Even if it’s not them, but they broke off the connection with them, Cancers are still ready to forgive everything and come back. In addition, Cancer s often sincerely believe that they have met a kindred spirit, with whom they are inextricably linked, no matter what. Therefore, they do not see anything bad in constantly returning.

4 Libra

Scales are the best parliamentarians. These are people who manage to maintain friendly relations with everyone they parted with. Such friendship also implies the resumption of sexual relations. At such moments, Libra most often thinks: “Well, what? Not strangers to each other.” At the same time, an affair with an ex-partner doesn’t need to develop into a relationship again.

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