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4 Zodiac Signs Who Constantly Want To Be Pitied

4 zodiac signs who constantly want to be pitied. They see everything only in a gloomy light, so they constantly suffer. But they don’t know how to suffer in silence.

You are sure you know such people: they constantly write posts full of grief and despair on social networks, so that they, the poor, will be pitied and encouraged. At a meeting, they bombard you with stories of bad luck, eternal problems, and misfortunes.

The fact is that all of them would be glad not to complain, but they cannot: they were born under such stars. One might think that they are looking for sympathy by “clicking on pity”. But the thing is different: such people see everything only in a gloomy light, so they constantly suffer.

But they don’t and cannot suffer in silence: they want the whole world to know about it! So, those born under these 4 zodiac signs are constantly telling “oh woe to me” stories online and in real life.

4 zodiac signs who constantly want to be pitied:


Representatives of this zodiac sign seem to know the recipe for how to get depressed for any reason and without. Their main “horse” is self-sacrifice. Since they are empathic and sympathetic to other people, they expect the same attitude in return.

However, our world is pragmatic and rational, so in most cases, they are only disappointed and upset. Nevertheless, they cannot resist and continue to sacrifice themselves for the sake of others. Naturally – describing it in the brightest colors and appealing to pity for one’s person.


Those born under this zodiac sign do not have very high self-esteem, but at the same time, they are very self-centered. Cancers are capricious and prone to reflection, which often leads to serious depression. What a shame – it is man-made: they came up with it – they are sad.

Moreover, Cancer needs constant attention, which literally “knocks out” others with the help of pitiful stories about their “sad fate”.


Representatives of this sign can be very wayward, sometimes even narcissistic. They need attention, completely and completely. If you are even a little distracted, they immediately begin to “put pressure” on pity.

Their favorite method is to feign deep resentment and do it as publicly as possible. Fortunately, there are social networks – there is where to “turn around”.


As a rule, those born under this zodiac sign just like to complain about anything and everything. In their endless pursuit of perfection, they are always looking for confirmation that this world and the people in it are just an excuse for yet another sadness and disappointment.

Such is the Virgo: she, like no one else, knows how to make an elephant out of a fly and notice every bump on the road.

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