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New Year’s is all about starting fresh. Why be stuck in your rut when you could glow up into the beautiful version of yourself that’s always been waiting in the wings? While some zodiacs have built-in confidence that doesn’t require a glow-up (I’m looking at you, Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo), others might need a boost in the self-esteem department. In 2023, these signs deserve a serious glow-up.


You know those movies where someone goes through a terrible breakup and then, to get revenge on their terrible ex, they spend the rest of the film’s runtime improving themselves? By the end of the movie, they’re hotter, smarter, and have a better jobs. And then they land someone who deserves them way more. That’s what I want for you, Cancer. You sometimes get bogged down in obsessing over the wrongs of your past, but don’t always get that Under the Tuscan Sun self-reinvention that should come afterward. Choose devotion to yourself for 2023. If it takes spite to become your best self, then by all means, own it.


You’re so focused on all the millions of things you need to get done–both small and large–that you often forget about yourself. You’ll be frazzled, going down your to-do list, and self-care never seems to enter into the equation. You deserve several things in 2023, Virgo, chief among them is a deep breath and a shift in focus. Look inward, and think about what you need to feel happy and fulfilled. Is there a part of your self-esteem that’s taken a hit while you’ve been so focused on other things? Time for a glow-up! You and your happiness–and the vibes you give off to the world–will be better for it. And think about how amazing you feel when you enter a room and everyone’s like, “holy shit, look at you.”


While it’s great that you focus so much on helping people, did you ever think helping yourself could be good, too? (Hint: Yes, it is.) You sometimes shy away from loud statements and situations where all eyes are on you. You say it’s because you don’t need the attention, but there’s a chance it’s anxiety holding you back. In 2023, let go of the fears that keep you from being your authentic self. Go out and buy that colorful dress or those loud, patterned socks. Whatever it is, I promise you can pull it off. You just need to believe that you can.


You’re great at being the hype beast for all your friends. They don’t even need to ask–you’re there to make them feel like the royalty you know them to be. Unfortunately, you don’t hype yourself up nearly as much. In 2023, surround yourself with people who tell you how great you are, then channel that into a serious glow-up. Heck, you could even enlist some of your best friends–with the most killer fashion sense–to help you on your journey. Think of it like a hot girl montage from a ’90s teen comedy. Don’t we all deserve a cute little montage?

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