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5 Most Untidy And Sloppy Signs Of The Zodiac

There are people who, from childhood, ideally organize the space around them. And some throw their things around and forget to change their towels on time, from an early age until now. Such different people can even be members of the same family.

So why does someone strive for cleanliness and order, while for others “this will do”? Astrologers claim that the zodiac sign under which a person was born affects his habits. But you can change if you want to!

1. Scorpio

Walking into a Scorpio’s house, you might think that Mr. Proper lives there. Everything around is shining and sparkling. But when guests leave the threshold, a person born under this sign does not quickly run to the kitchen to wash the dishes and clean up. Scorpio is selfish, so if he is tired, he can put the house in order the next day.

Scorpio men believe that the best place for their things is a chair. Their closet is all cleaned out, but finding anything there seems impossible.

2. Sagittarius

Sagittarians are full of energy and often do a lot of things at once. When they are cleaning, they can cook, watch TV, or listen to music at the same time. Sagittarians also sing and dance while cleaning. Therefore, it is not always possible to remove it perfectly.

Life is in full swing for Sagittarians, so they don’t worry too much about whether the dust on their refrigerator is wiped off. This can always be done later.

3. Leo

Leos are creative people. They change their plans very often. Because of this pace of life, they may often not notice the chaos that reigns around them.

Leos also love themselves, so they may also not notice specks of dust on clothes or cat fur. What difference does it make what a person wears if he thinks he is amazing? Those born under this sign forgive themselves minor shortcomings. This is right!

4. Libra

Libra’s cup often leans towards sloppiness. They don’t like cleaning, although they like it when their surroundings are clean. They would happily shift their household responsibilities to someone else, and they would drink tea and chocolate.

5. Capricorns

Capricorns also don’t like to clean. As children, when they helped their parents, they washed and dried only what was visible. Some representatives of this sign still do this. But at the same time, Capricorns always try to look neat. You can never tell from them that there is a little slob living in their soul.

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