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5 Questions That Psychics And Astrologers Hate

Do you think these people know everything? Nothing like this!

We go to psychics, fortune tellers, tarot readers, and astrologers for various reasons: someone wants to have fun, someone wants to understand themselves better. If you are going to go to an esoteric specialist, then you should know one important rule: there are questions that you should not ask – you still won’t get an answer to them.

“When I die?”

As psychic Natalie Keren explains, a specialist is responsible for his words – he should not give answers that a person cannot “digest”, and the topic of death always causes too much anxiety. Natalie also notes that in principle it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to such a complex question – life expectancy always changes depending on what choices we make.

“Will I get better?”

According to astrologer Stina Garbis, answering such a question means violating both ethical and legal norms – such topics should be discussed with a doctor. Tarot reader Lee Ann Romano Rogers agrees with her: “If someone tells me about his health problems, then I will advise him to seek medical help. I will never make diagnoses or make predictions when it comes to health,” she says.

“How should I spend my money?”

According to Lee Ann, people often come to psychics looking for advice about a career change or finances. According to Romano Rogers, such questions are best asked by professionals who have experience in the field of investment, taxation, or budgeting, and not by tarot readers or astrologers.

“Should I buy a lottery ticket?”

Why do you think psychics themselves don’t win millions? It’s simple – they don’t know what numbers need to be chosen for this, and they have no idea which football team will win the World Cup and with what score.

“Is this person meant for me?”

According to psychic and medium Joyce Keller, each of us can have many soul mates, and therefore answering such a question is very difficult. It is dangerous to say that there is only one “other half” – this can prevent a person from moving forward and being happy.

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