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5 signs of honest and direct men. They will never play with your mind!

These men always choose to be honest and direct without resorting to tricks and mind games to win you over or get something from you!
Playing with someone’s mind is not an honest technique and most likely the relationship will not last very long under these conditions.

There are many people who enjoy playing with other people’s minds and just as many who hate it.

These male signs always choose to be honest, direct and fair, and the results obtained are much better than manipulation of any kind.

  • Signs of honest and direct men:


Taurus is loyal and always down to earth. He can be extremely patient, but not when it comes to mind games. Who has the energy for that? He certainly didn’t! Taurus likes direct, responsible and honest people.

He has no appreciation for someone who intentionally plays with someone else’s feelings. He knows that if someone plays with his mind he will end up full of resentment and jealousy, so he doesn’t want to put anyone in that position.


What do we know about men born under the sign of Cancer? We know they are emotional, loving and protective. So of course I hate mind games! Trying to bother someone or manipulate them is not something they represent. If someone plays with a Cancer’s mind, then they become suspicious and it’s not a good way to start a relationship at all.

So he won’t do it with anyone else either. Cancer responds well to empathy, care and compassion, and all of this is not part of any kind of game. 


The Pisces man is very sensitive, compassionate and kind. Playing with someone’s mind can not only result in hurting that person, but also hurting yourself. If one plays with his mind, it will feel overwhelmed and want to withdraw from the landscape. The bottom line is that what he doesn’t like, someone else doesn’t!


If the Leo wanted to play with someone’s mind, it would be great because they are extremely good at getting others to act in a certain way.

This is because Leo is a born leader and people look down on him. However, he chooses to be very direct, kind, bouncy, loyal and tries to be as honest as possible. Games are just a waste of time for him and it makes him confused.


The Libra man hates playing with someone’s mind, it seems so useless to him! This doesn’t make him feel stronger or smarter than someone else, it just makes him feel like he’s manipulating. This native flirts a lot, but that’s where his game stops. He always chooses fairness and there is nothing fair about trying to control someone else’s actions and feelings.

It’s not just dishonest, it’s totally pointless and wrong in so many ways. Playing with someone’s mind takes too much energy and resources expended for very little gain, that’s his opinion.

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