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5 signs of men who change women like socks

Don’t make them choose, because that’s the hardest thing they should do!

If you’ve recently started dating, it’s good to know from the start if you’re on the same page in terms of your relationship. You wouldn’t want to waste your time with someone who doesn’t want anything serious or who is going to play multiple ends.

Here, astrology can come to your aid. Here is the list of 5 male zodiac signs who are not as well-intentioned as they seem:


Making decisions and committing to a person are big challenges for the Gemini native.

You can tell he’s a Casanova by the way he cancels plans at the last minute. He promises a lot, but he doesn’t always keep his word. It’s not that he doesn’t want to keep his promises, he just gets carried away and forgets. He only dates someone on a short term basis because he hates getting to the point where things become familiar and predictable. Gemini enjoys anything new, but then quickly loses interest.


Sagittarius loves meeting new people and enjoys that first meeting so much that they tend to repeat it.

First and second dates are fun, but relationships require extra effort, and he’s not willing to waste his energy on that. Sagittarius prefers to meet more than one person.


The Libra native is incredibly charming, even irresistible. This may be an indicator that it cannot stop at one woman. This man has treadmill dating precisely because he fears emotional intimacy.

He will use his charisma to keep people from getting too close.


Capricorn is so busy working that they don’t have time to get involved in a serious relationship. He likes to have fun and has a high sexual appetite, so flings and dating can satisfy these needs without the effort that a serious relationship requires.


The Pisces man is romantic, but often his expectations are unrealistic. He loves the first few dates where everything is exciting and exciting, but as real life takes over the fantasy, this native becomes disillusioned.

He wants his potential partners to fight for his affection and make huge romantic gestures, but not everyone is capable of such a thing. For him, the love stories he imagines are much better than the ones in reality.

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