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5 zodiac signs that love surprises

How you react to the unpredictable depends on your personality. If you enjoy surprise parties, unexpected events, or unexpected gifts, you are a person capable of dealing with situations that arise out of the blue.

Sometimes a surprise is just what you need to feel better. What makes one person love surprises and others hate them may have something to do with astrology. And for zodiac signs who love to be surprised, it’s all about spontaneity.

There are also many reasons why someone might not enjoy surprises. Perhaps, because for most of their lives, surprises have always been unpleasant. Not every surprise is a good one, just as every turn of events is not a bad one.

If you’re a control freak who manages everything in your life, you probably don’t like surprises.

But if new and unexpected things help you thrive, you’ll love surprises and even seek them out.

  • 5 zodiac signs that love surprises


Libra loves surprises that make her the center of attention. She loves the surprise parties that are organized for her, but also the gifts that she receives from her life partner without any special occasion because he simply just wants to show her that he loves her and that he cares. Sometimes surprises work wonders for her!


Aries enjoys surprises, shocking news, and joy. Anything that gets him out of his routine is welcome.

He loves spontaneity and things that make him always feel alive and awake, such as unpredictable situations and people. Because Aries is always more positive, he sees surprises as good things done to please him or to show that he is loved.


Aquarius is unpredictable and sometimes it can be difficult to understand their choices. But because he is open and positive, he loves surprises. He likes to be surprised, but also to surprise others.

Because he is very creative, his surprises are not ordinary ones.


Leo is incredibly generous and loves to surprise others with perfect and unexpected gifts. But, he is even happier when surprises are prepared for him. Leo loves to see someone use their time and energy to try to surprise him, and he’s grateful for that!


Even someone as adventurous and fearless as Sagittarius might have some reservations about surprises, but not him! He likes to be surprised and in turn, likes to surprise his family and friends with carefully chosen actions and gifts.

Sagittarius can find little surprises every day, and this is a gift that makes their life more beautiful. If his partner makes him his morning coffee, this small gesture makes his day!

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