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5 zodiac signs that no longer trust men because of past relationships

Have you been burned too many times? Do you find it hard to trust men anymore because of the trauma you experienced in previous relationships? If so, you may be one of the signs with trust issues below!

The fear of trusting someone goes far beyond astrology. Because pistanthrophobia is the fear of trusting people because of things that have happened in past relationships, this condition makes it extremely difficult to get close to a new person.

Some zodiac signs tend to be more susceptible to pistanthropophobia than others. They are represented by people who feel everything on a deeper level than others. When their heart is broken, they don’t get back on the dating scene too quickly, they need a lot of time to heal.

What can make the pain of a breakup last even longer is when you don’t let it go and keep processing the events and the end of your relationship. You wonder what you could have done differently, if there were warning signs you missed, and if there are ways you can get your ex to love you back.

It is one thing to go through a lot of suffering once, but to knowingly repeat it is foolish. So you guard yourself and subconsciously promise to be more careful before trusting someone. If you decide to trust someone, it doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t happen easily.

5 zodiac signs that no longer trust men because of past relationships:


One of the ways Scorpios show they have trust issues is that they rarely believe anything a potential partner tells them.

Since the truth is everything to the Scorpio woman, if she can’t trust that what the man she’s dating is telling them is true, their relationship will never move forward.

If the potential lover tells her that he is late because of traffic, the Scorpio woman will assume that he has, in fact, met someone else.

Scorpios have a hard time trusting people in general, but they become even more distrustful when a certain person shows interest in them.


Cancer has a hard time accepting what her potential partner says.

It’s not that she thinks the person is lying, but she wants constant reassurance that she’s enjoying the date, that she thinks she’s smart, that she can’t take her eyes off her because she’s so attractive and that she likes being with her.

The Cancer woman wants her future boyfriend to immediately text her or call her after the first date. Or ask him as a friend on social media. If he doesn’t, the Cancer woman will think he’s not interested in her.


The Taurus woman expresses her refusal to trust potential partners by being jealous of everything.

If the man she’s dating doesn’t make it clear that she’s a priority for him, the monster in the Taurus woman comes out.

E understands that his potential partner has his own life and that every second of each does not revolve around her, but he wants to feel that their happiness is of utmost importance.

If the Taurus woman feels neglected, she will become jealous over the smallest things.


If the Pisces woman has been hurt in a past relationship, it will take her a long time to get over it.

She will firmly tell anyone who will listen that you can’t trust anyone 100%, and if someone seems too good to be true, it will probably go the other way.

Once she chooses to be heartbroken, the Pisces woman will build a wall around herself so high that it will be almost impossible for anyone to get over it.

The Pisces woman is vulnerable and sensitive and prefers to guard herself so her heart won’t be trampled on again.


The Libra woman who has been devastated by a past relationship has an interesting way of dealing with a potential new relationship: she speeds up the process.

She expects too much, too soon, and when her partner fails to live up to it, she walks out of the relationship.

Afraid that the relationship is starting to develop and to protect themselves from another love disappointment, Libra dumps their partner before things happen.

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