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6 zodiac signs that hate to show their affection in public

There are some zodiac signs that hate to show their affection in public and reject any such gestures from their partner.

Nothing can make you feel worse than wanting to hold your partner’s hand in public and have them reject you and pull away. Some people just are, but that doesn’t mean he’s not proud of you or happy to be with you.

This reluctance to affection is closely related to astrology. Our personality traits are determined by the sign we were born into, and this could be the reason why some people are not at all affectionate in public.

6 zodiac signs that hate to show their affection in public


Aquarius hate affection in public because they hate being touched or touching someone. In conclusion, why do these things only for the eyes of the world? He won’t do them, which is why he’ll never be seen holding hands or kissing his partner in public. It is beneath him to put on a show for only others to enjoy.


Scorpios are not affectionate in public because that is not the image they want to project in front of others.

However, there is also an exception. It is about the occasions when he can show others that the person receiving the affection is subject to him.


Even if in private the Taurus is very loving with his partner, the same cannot be said when they go out together in public. He is rude, and selfish and doesn’t care what other people think. He always wants to leave others with the impression that he is alone.


Image is very important to Libra and the last thing she would want anyone to think about her is that she is in a relationship. Consequently, he will avoid any gesture of affection in public. He wants everyone to think he’s always available for sex.


Pisces are not affectionate in public, not because they don’t like it, but because they feel like it’s never enough and they get too impatient when they’re waiting for it to happen. I think their partners owe them affection, but they never give it without receiving it first.


Affection in public is not something that represents him. There’s a time and a place for everything, but being affectionate in public with your loved one is a pointless gesture from his point of view. Home is where affection should take place because in public it makes no sense.

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