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7 Things You Should Never Ask Scorpio

When you don’t know someone completely, when there is no trust, it is better not to ask them certain questions. However, even if you know and trust Scorpio the most, it is best to never ask him certain questions. Even if you’re their best friend or dating a Scorpio, there are times when you should avoid asking them any of these questions. Never ask Scorpio any of these questions. These are the 7 things you should never ask a Scorpio.

1. You are on the train of lying to me?

One of the things Scorpio can’t stand is being lied to. Therefore, for him, lying to others is a waste of time and something that makes him feel like the worst person in the world. If the situation between you and Scorpio is complicated, it will be useless for Scorpio to lie to you. Most of the time, when he catches someone lying, he will do everything possible to find out the truth and make it clear that no one is lying to him. Asking Scorpio if he is a liar is falling very low… It is assumed that he must have invented something to hide the truth. Don’t ever think about asking him that.

2. I can trust you.

It’s like asking if the fire burns… The answer is obvious. You can always trust a Scorpio. To ask him this is to call into question his principles and his pride. Scorpio is an extremely loyal person, who gives of themselves to protect those close to them and expects the same in return. By asking him this, you’re questioning him and putting this entire relationship you’ve been working on for so long at risk.

3. Can you keep a secret from me?

If you ask him this, don’t be surprised to receive a look that says without words “Are you an idiot?” It’s like the previous question. By asking him this question, it means that you are questioning his loyalty but also the relationship between you. Scorpio is known for keeping secrets better than the FBI or a secret detective. Any secrets you entrust to Scorpio, he will take to the grave, unless you betray him. It is possible that if this happens, he will use these secrets against you.

4. Why are you such a dark person and not like everyone else?

Whether they try to criticize him for the way he is or try to convince him to be “normal” makes Scorpio very nervous. He never blamed others for not having blood in their veins, for doing like everyone else, for letting themselves be carried away by fashions and rules. If Scorpio is such a dark and mystical person, it is because he likes to be that way and in reality, he cannot change the way he is. In the dark, see the interesting, the different…

5. Why are you so cold?

For Scorpio, being so cold and distant is a natural reaction to protect their feelings. He is always attentive to what may happen because he already knows himself. Asking him this question will make you feel like you desperately want to see his more loving side, to be much closer to him. And you will get the opposite. When they start to question their way of being, Scorpio will only move away and try to hide in their shell.

6. Why do things affect you so much?

Being a water sign, this is a sign that gets very involved in his problems and those of the people he loves so much. He cares a lot about those around him and that is why, in the end, he always makes things around him affect him so much. But by asking this question, the only thing you’ll do is make Scorpio wonder why he let you into this intimate circle so quickly.

7. Why do you waste so much time getting revenge?

Scorpio is famous because whenever he is hurt, he is not one to forgive and forget. Scorpio wants everyone to pay for what they have done and for this reason, they have no problem taking revenge. It’s one of the few things he has patience for. By asking this question, Scorpio will think that you are telling him that he should not waste his time trying to correct a mistake. It’s like you’re telling him that he deserved everything they made him suffer by betraying him.

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