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Are you one of those who can keep a secret until death? Or are you one of those who cannot contain your desire to save them? There are people who are very faithful and do not open their mouths at all. Obviously there are also people who cannot be contained and who have to tell everything, everything, everything and we know it. And then, there are people who keep secrets about themselves in a very good way without anyone knowing… AND NOBODY IS NOBODY. The secrets are a very dangerous double-edged sword and whoever says they do not have one safely, lies … Nothing is what it seems friends, for that reason, here are the secrets of each and every one of the zodiac signs. Ready?


Seek the approval of others on some occasions. Incredible true? Aries in the background is a person who eats his head a lot and if he is not well with his people, he ends up going very badly … He needs to know that his people are not disappointed or hurt with some of his most impulsive actions. Although Aries is strong and independent, deep down he has that need to impress and know that his people will be there really supporting him.


Taurus forces can falter for love. When he truly falls in love, his heart ceases to be iron and becomes smoke. That’s right, they are smoke screens that don’t really want to be there, because Taurus is much more romantic than anyone knows… He loses strength when his heart suffers a crush and, honestly, it’s something he doesn’t want the world to know , because it feels more vulnerable than ever. Strength is your best weapon and without it …


Gemini does not count even the slightest part of what he really feels. No one believes it, because everyone thinks they speak even underwater. That is true, of course he does, but of things that are not his. You really need to get a lot of confidence to be able to open the doors of your heart, because it has already been damaged several times and does not want more … The world may think that Gemini talks about everything, but the world does not know how much it is silent …


Do you know why Cancer sometimes acts very defensively without knowing why? Because he is afraid that the WORLD will hurt him more than they have done so far. Justify the mood swings of the crab without knowing why they come, it’s idiots, it’s that clear. No one has the slightest idea of ​​the fear that Cancer has of the evil of people. For this reason, the crab looks for others to be afraid of him (through his anger) so that, no one can play it again …

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Leo is much more vulnerable than anyone would ever imagine. The people who only focus on their apparent ego, are people who have no fucking idea, because behind that ego hide many insecurities and many fears … Appearances with Leo deceive and MANY. At the bottom of his heart he rejects everything that is offered to him in a material way and asks with great longing for a hug, a kiss, a LOVE YOU in time or I AM HERE for what you really need. Nothing else…


Virgo’s secret is not expected: it is really bad when it comes to embarking on a new adventure. But when we say EVIL, we mean that Virgo goes through authentic ordeal before launching. The fear of failure becomes in the form of nightmares or discomfort in your body in general. Virgo on the outside seems to calm her in person, but on the inside she is pure dynamite and even more so, when she is going to blindly launch a new project. He wants to love but he can’t …


Libra in the background does know how to act very, very well. The role of his life he does when he smiles and spreads the most absolute tranquility with his smile, being inside more broken / or than a vase made pieces of glass … That’s right, Libra prefers to go through that burden in solitude (something that does not like) to open one more wound … Libra is the most sociable thing in this world, it helps those who ask for help and everything in their hands, but in their case, they never ask …


Scorpio always keeps an AS up its sleeve. ALWAYS. Even with the people you trust most. Even with his family … Scorpio is a very distrustful being and fears that someone may at some time use some very strong detail about his private life. He makes his people believe that he is the most sincere in this world and then, he does nothing more than save information and only tell what really interests him. Your best secret is always kept.


Sagittarius has NO problems, phobias or fears with the COMMITMENT. His fame is to be a leaf moved by the wind and panicked by that word, but that is not so. Very few people know the truth: deep down, Sagittarius hates that eternal loneliness that everyone puts as idyllic and misses having a very firm connection with someone special. Sagittarius does not give as much phobia the rings as they count around … If he falls in love, YES he may want more.


Capricorn tries hard to appear to be that strong, firm and cold person who does not feel or suffer anything, but deep down he spends more time in his own past than he would like to admit. It is hard to believe, because Capricorn seems firmness in person, but in his silence and intimacy, he does not forgive many things he did in the past … Far from letting those things happen, he remembers them over and over again and hurts himself … He punishes himself, he doesn’t forget it and he never will …


Aquarius feels many times more alone than he would like to admit and this is a fact that surely nobody knows … He loves his loneliness, that is clear, but Aquarius feels that the world judges him because they do not understand him. That seems a very detached person, does not mean that you do not want a little love and understanding sometimes. Aquarius seeks approval, empathy, company or even the look of its people to feel close … Not to feel alone …


That Pisces is sensitive, is no secret uncovered. But that Pisces can get to touch the madness when it doesn’t feel understood, yes … Yes , everyone sees the good of Pisces being there again and again, and nobody has the slightest idea, of the times Very bad thoughts have passed through his head … Obviously, those thoughts are the result of disappointments or sorrows that the fish has gone through, but you have to be very careful with your intentions, it is VERY TRUE …

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