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Aggressive And Toxic: 5 Most Dangerous Men By Zodiac Sign

There are no bad or good zodiac signs, it all depends on your choice and on “which wolf you feed.” Moreover, each of us contains the energies of several signs, and in different life situations, we can manifest ourselves differently. But today we’ll talk about which zodiac sign men can be the most toxic and aggressive in relationships.

1st place – Cancer

Many will now be surprised and start arguing because Cancers are so emotional, warm, and family-oriented. But it’s hard to imagine a more unpredictable man in the manifestation of aggression. Often a Cancer man suppresses his excess emotions and directs them inside himself. This generates a huge amount of internal tension, which one day explodes in a fountain of suppressed emotions.
You can expect anything from a Cancer man, from verbal aggression to open violence. Cancers are ruled by emotions; they, like spring weather, can change dramatically with any blow of the wind. Cancers are also prone to passive aggression. They can covertly shake you up with emotions while pretending that nothing is happening.

2nd place – Taurus

Gentle and kind, Taurus are very patient guys, sometimes even too patient. It is this patience that plays a cruel joke on them. At one point, Taurus may break down, because the limit of patience has been exhausted, and then Taurus may simply begin to destroy everything around him. He may not touch you, but he will scare you considerably with his anger.

In addition, Taurus is very vindictive and can begin to show aggression due to long-held grievances. Taurus, as a true representative of the earthly group of zodiac signs, harnesses for a long time, but if he already gets into a rage, it is impossible to stop him. Therefore, the best recommendation if you suddenly encounter such a man is to simply wait out this storm somewhere far away. Your Taurus will cool down and be sweet again.

3rd place – Libra

The Libra man, who is very demanding of himself and those around him, notices all your imperfections and, given the opportunity, does not miss the opportunity to touch your heartstrings. Libra, as representatives of the air sign of the zodiac, will most likely offend you exclusively with words. Mockery, passive-aggressive statements, and public humiliation – all this can await you with a Libra man. The thing is that Libra men have extremely unstable self-esteem and a wounded Ego. With this behavior, they try to elevate themselves in their own eyes.

4th place – Scorpio

Scorpios, despite the huge number of stereotypes, are much less aggressive than, for example, Cancers. The thing is that they are less likely to suppress their emotions and talk about them quite openly. However, the peculiarity of Scorpios is that they are prone to manipulation and excessive control. A Scorpio man may try to remake you to fit his ideas of perfection, trying to impose his truth. He will do this so subtly and imperceptibly that you will not immediately sense the catch. And when you understand and want to return everything, he may begin to be very indignant and fall into aggression. Scorpio loves power, and this desire extends to loved ones.

5th place – Virgo

A more meticulous and picky zodiac sign cannot be found. Virgos are true perfectionists; they strive for ideal cleanliness and orderliness of space. If you somehow violate this ideality, you may be subject to angry remarks and even insults. At the same time, Virgo, like Taurus, can restrain aggression for a long time, but if it breaks down, it will begin to accuse you of all mortal sins. If you are ready to always improve and maintain the world of a Virgo man in perfect order, then in this case they are not the worst chosen ones.

And remember that aggression is common to everyone, but how and where to show it is our choice. The listed zodiac signs are more prone than others to unfriendly expressions of emotions, but each of us is capable of learning to live them adequately.

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