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Aries Season 2024: What Influence On Your Astrological Sign?

On Wednesday, March 20, 2024, the Sun will shine in the constellation Aries. We tell you what this great renewal means for all the signs And believe us, it is never too early to prepare for a new astral year.

No, “ Aries season ” does not refer to the transhumance of sheep (which begins in May, if you’re interested) but to the astrological new year. Because the zodiacal year truly begins with the arrival of spring. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, takes up the torch from Pisces and sets everything ablaze. Literally: this Fire sign is the type to challenge us in a frantic race. The stars burn in the sky, but on the road to Aries, it’s the asphalt that will heat up. In the program? Increasing energy, the desire to follow one’s desires, a need for autonomy, and new projects. Especially since this year, the Aries season coincides with a lunar eclipse: enough to add a little fuel to the fire of our spring.


Making a clean slate is the general idea of ​​Aries season. It opens the year and announces spring. Even its planet, Mars, that of the war of action and combativeness, gives its name to this month of the year. When the Sun passes into the constellation Aries, the star of vitality shines through the qualities of the sign. His passion, his enthusiasm, and his desire to win inspire us. The introspective dives of Pisces season are over, let’s get moving.

The desire to go out and exercise is there. Desires to conquer drive us, so we launch projects matured during the winter or better: we spontaneously begin new turns. A brawler but above all fiercely independent, Aries invites us to have confidence in ourselves and to assert ourselves, especially at work. It’s about asserting your point of view and defending your ideas more than ever. Aries season also sees the libido rise almost as much as the outside temperatures, stimulating the desire for seduction in singles and rekindling the flame in couples. In short, with Aries “One month of March and here we go again”.


  • Unsurprisingly, it’s Aries who will have the best time at the start of spring. He and the Lion seize the opportunity to start all over again, to take up a new sport, to meet new people. For Sagittarius, the third Fire sign, optimism returns, and the preparations for the year’s trips bring stars to their eyes.
  • For Aquarius and Gemini, the Aries season also brings beautiful changes. Transformations are going well in the life of Aquarius thanks to Pluto, everything is shaking up. The sign of the Twins could use a perfect time to actively but deeply think about their intentions for the rest of the year in early April.
  • For Taurus, Virgo, and Scorpio, spring has a spicy but not unpleasant flavor. Mid-April shakes up Taurus’ plans for the better, thanks to Uranus and Jupiter, while Virgo takes on a whole new lease of life during Mercury retrograde, from April 2. For Scorpio, the Sun and Pluto promise a sporty but interesting month, which should allow them to regain control.
  • Capricorn, Cancer, and Libra will be challenged. Around April 15, the first two may need to water down their wine, with the Moon and Mercury promising them some communication incidents. As for Libras, it is at the end of March, during the Full Moon on the 25th, that things will get serious. The eclipse season stirs up repressed desires and the need to take things in hand is felt.

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