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Astrology: 4 signs who are tired of giving everything in love

After several failures in love, some people choose to be more cautious and give up the habits that caused them pain.
These 4 signs are tired of giving everything in love. This after they only had relationships that brought suffering.
You have been disappointed too many times in all your past love relationships. Finally, you are tired of this happening to you. You are tired of being the one who always takes the initiative. You no longer want to put your heart on a tray and end up wounded every time. Even if you needed time to learn this lesson, you finally gave up chasing people who don’t respond to you with the same interest.

It is a meaningless fight.

It makes no sense to fight for someone who doesn’t fight for you. You have a huge heart, but you will save it for someone who will know how to appreciate it. You will only fight for people who care about the relationship as much as you do. This year, your standard is at its highest.

Maybe you put yourself on the back burner in the past, but now you have matured. You will no longer run after anyone. You will no longer be after any person who is not interested in a serious relationship and who only wants something for the moment.

Looking for something serious.

A promise. Well, more than that, you are looking for someone who is honest, and authentic. Someone who will be honest from the start. Someone who will tell you from the beginning if you are on the same wavelength.

You used to run after people who didn’t deserve you because you weren’t able to realize that you were superior to them. You were convinced that you were lucky to have them. But now you have given up letting your fears control you and you are no longer interested in running after anyone. You realized that true love does not mean playing.

You don’t need a companion, you need a partner.

Someone who will answer you in the same way. Otherwise, you are not interested. Better to be alone than to be in an unhealthy, unstable relationship with a person who does not appreciate you as you deserve.


At this moment, a relationship is not on your list of priorities. It is not your main goal. You don’t even think about that. You are interested in other things in your life: career, friends, hobbies. You have more important things to do than run after someone who won’t appreciate your efforts and who will end up hurting you.

Although you wouldn’t reject love if it came your way, you won’t run after it as you did until now. You will be carried away. You will let happen what needs to happen and you will no longer force things.

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