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Astrology: Top 4 female zodiac signs that are hard to conquer

Find out if you are among the most difficult women to conquer according to your zodiac sign!

Capricorn – I’m a challenge and I don’t waste my time with adventures

Capricorns have very well-defined opinions about everything and are not easy to conquer, thus representing a challenge. They don’t waste time with adventures, they only look for future relationships. They are very serious people and they are looking for partners who know what they want from life and want the same thing as them, that is, a big family and a rich house. The women of this sign are not the kind of feminine princesses, but they put a lot of passion into what they do and would do anything for the good of their partner.

They love to love and are looking for a life partner who can also be their best friend. At a first meeting, he can impress them by telling them about some personal

achievements due to their perseverance and by offering them something that can be useful to them.

Aries – women of this sign constantly need something new

Whoever falls in love with an Aries woman would do well not to let her go. Independent and impulsive, women of this sign constantly need something new and like to be the center of attention. They are full of energy, head on their shoulders and think twice before doing anything. Their passion and impulsiveness will conquer men and make them always at their feet. They are born leaders and they like to control every aspect of their relationship, precisely because of this they are not easily conquered. They like independent men, who have a stable job and have stories to tell about their achievements. They also like novelty and the best way to reach their heart is to take them to extreme sports and novel activities.

Leo – they have a strong ego and get bored very quickly

The Leo woman has high self-esteem and is liked by everyone, which is why she easily finds partners willing to have a relationship. They are full of energy and radiate soul warmth, that’s why they are highly appreciated by the male side and usually have a strong ego, which means that they can be very jealous and possessive when they feel betrayed. This is also because they are very loyal and give themselves everything when they dedicate themselves body and soul to a relationship. They get bored quickly and in order to stay in their hearts, it is good that each meeting is better than the previous one, with more and more interesting activities. They need attention, they like to receive compliments about their haircut, about the color of their eyes, the way they are dressed, the perfume they gave themselves or the attractive smile they have and if they are ignored too much they tend to seek relief elsewhere. In which case their mistakes should not be pointed out, because they will never admit them.

Virgo – they are pretentious and are attracted to intelligent men

The natives of this sign are very pretentious in choosing their life partner and what attracts them the most is an intelligent man, stable in all aspects, resourceful and confident in their own strength, because they, in turn, will impress by the fact that they know a lot things and have answers to everything. What they appreciate the most in a man is style and politeness, and the smallest flaw, such as inappropriate behavior in public, can turn their whole thinking upside down. They like to solve problems by themselves because they are not easily scared by challenges, but they will appreciate a man who will put his hands on the tools to fix a pipe or unclog the drain or change a light bulb in the house. They seem to be aloof and hard to conquer because they are afraid of being vulnerable, but they experience love very intensely when they fall in love. Once conquered, they will dedicate themselves entirely to the person they love and will work hard to do everything possible to make the relationship work in optimal parameters. This despite the fact that sometimes their partner does not know what is happening to them, because instead of being calm and happy, they tend to think too much about everything and internalize.

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