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Aunts By Zodiac Sign. That’s Who Turns Into Them Before Anyone Else!

None of the men like a plump wife in a greasy dressing gown and with eternal curlers on her head. Do you want to know which zodiac signs are most prone to turning from a cute young lady into a real aunt? Then read! This may surprise you. Aunts by zodiac sign:

3rd place – Capricorn

Rational and conservative Capricorns are not very versed in fashion issues. Naturally, we will not measure all representatives of this zodiac sign with the same brush, but we can talk about general trends.

“Aunts” among Capricorns are no exception. While they are young and beautiful, and especially when these ladies are looking for a mate, they will try: to choose beautiful dresses, to do their hair.

In family life, everything will not change immediately. It’s just that married Capricorns can, over time, throw all the fashionable things away into the closet, considering them too flashy and catchy. They will replace them with a terry bathrobe, slippers, and a tracksuit.

2nd place – Virgo

Young Virgos are beautiful and sweet, they can stand in front of the mirror for hours, putting on beauty and choosing the next outfit. They are not alien to the sense of beauty, and they have their style. And that is why it is doubly surprising that over the years, many of these fashionable coquette girls become aunts.

There is only one explanation. Virgos are perfectionists by nature. Therefore, they either immerse themselves in the household or devote all their time to their favorite work.

There is simply no time to take care of yourself first. Still would! Laundry, cleaning, hot cakes. Will the dust on the cabinets wipe itself away? How about wiping the leaves of all the flowers with a damp cloth?

The second category, Career Devs, has a similar story. Only they also have a household that often suffers due to lack of time.

1st place – Cancer

Cancerians by nature are homebodies. They also take a lot of things personally and have a lot of emotional wounds, which can often be consumed by pies and donuts.

Perhaps this contributes to their rapid transformation into an “aunt” – a kind of seasoned lady who always stands at the stove and pays little attention to her appearance.

The main goal of Cancer women is to build a family and maintain a heart. Often they devote all their energy to this goal, and therefore they have little time left for their appearance.

Having married, they often throw everything on the altar of family comfort.

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