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Bad Luck Falls on These Zodiac Signs in March

Which zodiac signs will go through tough times in March?

The planets play against the current and negatively influence the daily life of certain signs of the zodiac. They will then have to take a step back to deal with a less warm atmosphere.


For the sign of Virgo, the month of March will be synonymous with problems and confrontations. Whether at work or with family, this Earth sign will often find it difficult to open up to others and share their good ideas. This would be mainly linked to the unpleasant behavior of the people who share his daily life. In March, the latter will become aware of the perception that certain relatives have of him. And that could lead him to lock himself more in his little shell. This situation could also impact his professional results and ultimately result in financial difficulties. In addition, some trips and activities planned this month will not necessarily be conducive to progress and success. Often this will result in delays and unfortunate setbacks. In a relationship, Virgo could also go through difficult times with some tension with their life partner. Single, this sign can however have chances to start a new relationship provided you keep control over your emotions.


The emotional sign of the zodiac could also have a bad month in March. This dreamy Water sign, moreover, could make an important decision out of anger. Unintentionally, it could attract negative energies of bad luck. His relatives and those around him will not necessarily understand his actions. Although March is conducive to creative activities, Pisces will not necessarily take their hobbies and goals seriously. It must be said that the Full Moon as well as Mercury will be partly responsible for this. Their energies are capable of halting its advances and causing quarrels and misunderstandings to erupt at any time. Result: Pisces will no longer be able to keep control over their emotions and will enter a state of deep sadness and frustration. Fortunately, this Water sign will know how to put a little irony into their words to keep them in a good mood. This is the only way he has left to overcome all the difficult trials of this month!


This Earth sign will face many challenges, especially during March. Several unexpected events could slow down its activities and slow down its projects. During the next few days, Capricorn could meet new people. However, he should not blindly trust new friendships. Some people might have bad intentions and not be honest with him. Capricorn should also avoid taking arbitrary positions, whether in love or at work. This could lead to unnecessary arguments and tensions. In addition, he should avoid making decisions based on feelings or exceptional events. His sense of failure should not cause him to give up or diminish his efforts.

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