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Born Lovers According To The Sign Of The Zodiac. The Stars Prophesy It To Them!

Some women are destined to be ideal wives and mothers, and there is their complete opposite – Mistresses. Astrologers say that there are signs of the Zodiac that have a definite tendency to become lovers and remain in this status all the time. Who are they? Find out right now who the Born lovers are according to the sign of the Zodiac!

Astrologers have identified only 4 signs of the Zodiac, which are most prone to the role of the Mistress. They are simply unable to suppress the love temptation to the forbidden fruit.


Born mistresses: These representatives are simply clearly destined to play the role of a constant mistress, no matter how many times she gets married.

Close family ties are not for a free bird like her. Women always look stunning, they are charming and look attractive. Her piercing gaze attracts and beckons, so you can not hide from it.

Someone like her is called a witch. And they do it right because she can bewitch and hypnotize any man she likes. And he is well aware of the fact that they go straight into cleverly placed networks. But they can’t do anything about it, and voluntarily disappear into this pool.

Although if they manage to escape from the claws of the “scorpion”, then they cannot avoid mental trauma. They will remember this sweet captivity with torment and pleasure for a long time to come.

For many men, becoming a prisoner of this representative is a great reward. And nothing can stop them or turn them off the intended path. Such craving is fraught not only with his freedom but also with his general well-being. Let a man not be surprised that her behavior will resemble the revenge of a spider who mercilessly kills her victim, so long as she does not get her lawful wife.


Born lovers: These women tend to constantly doubt and hesitate. And they cannot understand who they should be – a wife or a mistress. And no matter which side they prefer, they still doubt whether the choice was made correctly. Therefore, these persons tend to constantly rush to extremes.

Even if they get married and vow to be a faithful and devoted wife, over time, they will forget all these words. At first, they believe that being a mistress is the last degree of meanness, but after living for some time in marriage, they begin to take their words back. And they begin to gnaw at their doubts only when everyday life and gray everyday life seize vulnerable nature. Her soul strives for harmony, beauty, and society.

They begin to understand that the most interesting life is ahead of them and that there is someone who will appreciate them. And that’s when they begin to get used to the role of a mistress. Although in a relationship for them, such is not as important as flirting and coquetry, which they are fluent in.

But if they are truly in love, this role inspires them and does not give them the slightest doubt that they are doing something wrong. And when the relationship ends, they again return to family life with a wounded soul and crushed feelings. And they live there until the moment when love feelings again prevail over them.


This dual sign can coexist perfectly in any role. It doesn’t matter to them what status they are in – lovers or wives. For them, it is important to shine and enjoy life.

These ladies do not always become hostages of sex, relationships and how their man treats her are important to them. And intimate moments for them are just another entertainment that brightens up their lives. And when this representative finds her object of passion, she assures him that she had a love impulse, and this is required by her exhausted soul. But this is only their temporary hobby.

Since they quickly change their minds, they get bored with their family life at such speed. For her, the main thing is to be free and loved, and if her partner cannot give this to her, she is looking for someone who will appreciate her. And all this she can get in the status of a mistress.

Ladies know all the ways to keep a man and make him want to return to her with enviable constancy. She will be able to keep any man in agonizing expectation, each time giving him caresses in a small portion. And he will bring him to such a state when he begins to pray for her that she agrees to become his legal wife.

But she will not give up so quickly and will enjoy her position as a passionate lover for a long time to come.


For these women, being in the status of a mistress is quite a common occurrence. And it does not spoil their mood in any way. Also, it is not a burden for them to be a wife, but they get bored with a constant life too quickly.

They cannot stay at home for a long time, because this foundation strongly contradicts their inquisitive nature. Ladies love to wander and travel, so they are always afraid of losing their freedom. But only one thing can keep them in the family nest – regular ski. But if this does not happen in her life, she will easily find herself someone who will sometimes replace her husband.

In the first place for women of this sign is travel, but the second is proudly occupied by sexual pleasures. And they try to combine all these two pleasant things all their lives. They will not turn away from forbidden love and consider it as something unreal.

Ladies will begin to enjoy it and be charged with positivity. A woman will choose for herself a passionate lover who will be an insatiable male in bed with a depraved fantasy. She will not be satisfied with a calm husband, but if he is, then she will find a recharge on the side. And do not be ashamed to be nominated for the role of mistress.

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