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Capricorn: Personality Traits Of This Zodiac Sign

From December 22 to January 20, it’s Capricorn’s turn to be celebrated. Capricorns are mistakenly thought to be predictable and boring, but that’s far from the case! Born in winter, the natives of this earth sign are industrious and their endurance is legendary. Discover their characteristics, their qualities, their faults, their preferences, and more…

Introducing Capricorn

Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac.  Capricorn natives are born between December 22 and January 20. Belonging to the Earth element, Capricorns are characterized by stability, pragmatism, tranquility, and realism.

Known since the time of the Sumerians, the constellation of Capricorn was then appreciated by Babylonians, Greeks, and Australian Aborigines. It is important to know where this representative of the zodiac comes from. A legend says that it is the incarnation of the mythical goat Amalthea, who treated Zeus. According to another legend, Capricorn is a deity with horns and hooves, named Pan. Zeus gave him a place in heaven for his help in the battle against the monster Typhon. Fleeing from the latter, Pan found himself in the Nile, where he acquired a fishtail, almost like the usual image of Capricorn.

General characteristics of the sign of Capricorn

Practical sense, worldly experience, pragmatism, and realism are the keywords to qualify the Earth sign Capricorn. As you will have understood, such a person will rarely rely on illusions and will always prefer to rely on real facts to affirm his words.

This Earth sign is also distinguished by its ambition and resilience. Capricorn tries to avoid ambiguous situations and confrontations. So, with very few enemies, he does pretty well in his life. Also, these zodiac natives don’t like to share their mindset or expose their negativity. Having a sense of responsibility and seeking to achieve the expected goal, they stubbornly advance toward their goal, using all strategies, tactics, and arguments. After all, Capricorns are determined and tough analysts. Very calm, they know how to manage their emotions to take advantage of the logic and reason that best characterize their temperament.

The qualities of Capricorn

Capricorns love life and are insatiable when it comes to building their careers or forming successful relationships. Here are the qualities that distinguish them from other natives of the zodiac.


Capricorns never stop halfway to achieving their goals. These zodiac natives are determined to show others what they are worth and what they are capable of. The secret? Hard work and determination! They never give up until they have achieved their goals.


Capricorns always succeed thanks to their tenacity, patience, and endurance. You will never see a Capricorn complain, show a sign of weakness, or give up on a project despite the obstacles.


Capricorn is pragmatic and realistic. This zodiac sign is down to earth. Even his dreams are realistic! A quality that allows him to stay focused on his goals without getting lost in idealistic and utopian thoughts.


Realistically, Capricorn is necessarily endowed with a practical sense. These natives do not seek to create a new world but rather to make the real world better. Intelligent, they intuitively know how things work.


In terms of discipline, Capricorn can be intransigent. These natives of the Earth element are always masters of their actions! Having constructive habits and being able to stick to them contributes considerably to their personal development. A Capricorn can be blessed with great patience until they eventually win the battle.

Loyal and benevolent

Capricorn is very loyal! He attaches importance to honor, probity, and righteousness. Marked by these values, he sanctifies loyalty in his relationships of friendship, love, and work. Capricorn can also be benevolent. Although he may seem cold or unpleasant at times, this zodiac native is kind, forgiving, and caring towards those around him.


Very amiable, Capricorn always acts with politeness and manifests a relentless desire to please others. Respect and politeness are values ​​he favors in his relationships.

Capricorn’s flaws

Here are some of the most common faults of this zodiac sign.

Will be perfect

For a Capricorn, other people must think well of him. Constantly monitoring their appearance, the natives of this zodiac sign are always worried about their notoriety. Over time, this desire to be perfect leaves them no freedom.


A person born under this constellation has very high standards. Capricorn continually strives to match the ideal image. Once an objective is achieved, he goes directly to the next one, without even celebrating the victory. No matter how successful and successful they are, Capricorns are never completely satisfied with what they have achieved.


For Capricorn, there is nothing more pleasant than the taste of success! Obsessed with winning, these ambitious zodiacs are too afraid of losing. That being said, they prefer not to take risks and not venture into an area that they do not master enough.


Excessively strict, Capricorn is sometimes rigid. The natives of this constellation do not break the law and can even pass judgment on those who do. Very responsible, they are incredibly strict with themselves and those around them.


Capricorns don’t accept being made fun of. If they are ridiculed or feel their authority questioned, they feel mortally offended. A word of advice: Choose your words carefully with a Capricorn!


For fear of finding themselves without money, Capricorns prefer to limit their expenses and save money to ensure their financial security. You will see them spending the bare minimum but sometimes these disciplined individuals limit themselves a bit too much.


In sexual relationships, Capricorns often lean towards tradition. Although they secretly dream of daring experiments, they never admit it. The natives of this sign often surprise their partners: endurance and tenderness are there!

In addition, Capricorns prefer the classics. They often choose their opposite to live a spectacular love. Despite their haughty and cold air, they are gentle in love.

Dates and romantic walks are not part of Capricorn’s courtship strategies. But knowing him better, you will be surprised to discover the depth, the strength, and the subtlety of his feelings. Capricorn can forget rigid self-control and become charming and playful with people who inspire confidence.

Family & marriage

Exemplary spouses, Capricorns take marriage seriously. Loyal, caring, and understanding, they are always ready to offer help and support. Moreover, these natives can make a lot of sacrifices to protect their families. For them, this comes first!

Capricorn: What Kind Of Parent Is It?

Rigor, discipline, and strict order are the mottoes of Capricorn. As part of education, they prefer to establish rules so that respect and obedience reign in the family home. Children often lack warmth and understanding from a Capricorn parent. However, with time and age, things can change. They make adorable, kind, and caring grandparents.


Capricorns devote all their time to work and family. Therefore, they risk missing out on a lot of parties and events… These natives have very few friends but are constant and devoted. Discreet and ready to step in to help in difficult situations, Capricorns do not like special attention. Having this ability to carry on a conversation on any subject, they favor discussions with loved ones.


Capricorn believes that a good hobby contributes to the development of his skills and could help him gain benefits in the future. Among the hobbies that suit him: are reading, music, museums, and collections. If their hobby allows them to generate income, they will find it great!


Capricorns are responsible, patient, and ambitious. Qualities that help them succeed in many areas. They can build their career easily! If these natives combine ambition and a thirst for power, they can quickly reach the heights of politics and management. Capricorn can be an excellent manager. In a leadership position, he can be constantly demanding and despotic.


Generally, Capricorns have good health if they take care of themselves. They play sports, eat healthily and adopt a daily routine. Representatives of this zodiac sign should pay special attention to the care of the skin, teeth, stomach, bones, and nervous system.


Are you wondering what would be the most appropriate or even ideal partner for Capricorn? Well, it’s Taurus! A strong alliance can also be made with Virgo.

What Attracts Capricorns


Capricorns are attracted to money. This is the most realistic way to measure their success. And success for a Capricorn is like valerian for a cat!

Puzzles and games

The natives of this constellation like hard games & puzzles, really hard! Or hard-to-solve problems that require their methodical mind to prove their superiority to others.

Instant gratification

Despite all the seriousness and firmness he shows, Capricorn hides a big child deep inside him, who wants everything and right away! Sometimes this complicates his task and leads him to be frustrated.


As mentioned above, Capricorns love to read. They are interested in books that can allow them to accumulate valuable knowledge. Objective? Learn something new and be able to surpass others.

Crafts and gardening

Capricorns like to be helpful! They like to do something practical at home, whether inside the house or in the garden.

Capricorn woman

The Capricorn woman will always put the family first. An influential position and a high income do not satisfy her that much if she does not have a husband and a house full of love. Sensitive and very selective, these women are continually concerned about their appearance. With others, they are understanding and generous. They try to dominate conversations but are very rarely rude.

Capricorn man

The Capricorn man is often concerned about the future and it is not surprising to see him marked by wrinkles more than the others. Rooted, he tries to enlarge his heritage that he wants to pass on to his children. This native of the Earth element is individualistic and what interests him in the first place is his family. Although it is cold at first glance, it can also be surprisingly romantic!

Capricorn child

Often Capricorn children are more mature than their age. Well-groomed and obedient, they don’t cause trouble for their parents. They may be responsible for their studies as well as household chores. Capricorns are stubborn since childhood, persistent, and patient in achieving their goal. They can form lifelong habits from an early age.


Capricorn is an earth sign, which explains the practicality and prudence of its actions. Realists and pragmatists are unfamiliar with imaginary ideals, illusions, and abstract reasoning.


Capricorn’s ruling planet is Saturn. It, therefore, gives Capricorn great wisdom and ultimate discretion. It helps him to solve life’s problems using discipline and perseverance.


For Capricorn, 10 is a lucky number and can be a strong support. The 7 and its square 49 are also mentioned as numbers that bring him luck.


Astrologically, brown and other earth colors bring luck to Capricorn. Very close to reality, these earthy colors symbolize practice, stability, and conviviality. In addition, these colors are rather simple and neutral.


When it comes to stones, there are a few that are perfect for Capricorn. The opal represents the ability to withstand adversity. The garnet stone, on the other hand, is a symbol of luck. Suitable for women, the ruby ​​has a powerful energy. It teaches its owner tolerance and gentleness. Finally, the onyx represents the stone of power.


White gold or noble platinum suit Capricorn. Money is not suitable for all representatives of this zodiac sign, as it quickly deteriorates over time.


For Capricorn, it is rather a solid plant that characterizes it. This is Tephrosia, a plant that is used to grow in arid and hostile lands. Just like Capricorn, nothing seems to be able to stop it!


For Capricorns, flowers are a special sign of sympathy. If you are planning to give them a bouquet, Tulips, Dahlias, Gerberas, and Asters are best suited. Capricorns also adore Lilies, Roses, Chrysanthemums, Gladiolus, and Carnations. All these flowers support the energy of this sign!


Although a loner at heart, Capricorn can appreciate the calm and quiet company of an animal. Capricorns take time to build and establish a relationship, so they never commit to a pet on a whim. It’s easy to imagine a Capricorn choosing a Husky, one of the best dog breeds in the Arctic region. Very enduring, the Husky likes physical effort, an opportunity for the Capricorn to take a lot of walks with him.

But since Capricorns devote a lot of time to their work, a cat that sleeps next to the owner or guards the house during his absence can be a good alternative. Something else! For Capricorns who strive to reach the top of the social ladder, an animal that emphasizes the status of its owner is also suitable, such as a lynx, a mastiff, or a mini horse.

Difficult-to-train creatures should be avoided! Disciplined, Capricorn demands it in return from everyone around them. He will therefore have difficulty with a restless and non-obedient pet.

Famous Capricorns

People who have succeeded respectively in their fields only prove to us Capricorn’s thirst and admiration for success. We can cite the actors Gérard Depardieu and again Omar Sy, the singer Carla Bruni and the host Sandrine Quétier.


What is Capricorn afraid of?

Ambitious, bossy, and hungry for success, a Capricorn’s greatest fear is of defaulting on commitments or failing to meet responsibilities and thus projecting an image of an irresponsible and unreliable person.

What are the signs of the zodiac incompatible with the character of Capricorn?

Cancer, Aries, and Libra generally don’t get along well with Capricorn. The current is struggling to pass! If they don’t have a common goal, they will find it difficult to trade.

Who is Capricorn’s lover?

The zodiac signs that get along wonderfully with Capricorn are Taurus, Virgo, and Pisces. But Taurus and Capricorn get along wonderfully since they have similar personalities.

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