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Christmas Week Promises To Be Full Of Surprises For This Astrological Sign

Right for Christmas, a member of the zodiac is regaining strength. Find out which one will stand out, according to Jean-Yves Espié’s horoscope, this week from Thursday, December 21 to Thursday, December 28, 2023.

After a period of bad luck, it is undoubtedly covered in sequins that the natives of this zodiac sign are making their return to the forefront. Because this week of winter solstice celebrations will not serve all astrological signs in the same way. For astrologer Jean-Yves Espié, some have been in a good period of luck for a while, and others are just returning among the lucky little ones in the sky. This is the case of an astrological sign which has suffered some disappointments in recent weeks. Fatigue accumulated, noses were blown, and mailboxes flooded. But that’s all in the past. For natives of this Air sign: time for the comeback.


Having undoubtedly shone too much this summer, their light dimmed a little in the fall: Libras felt a little tired after their birthday month. The great socialites of the zodiac do it all with undisguised pleasure, but like all Air signs, they sometimes have trouble stopping. After a period of intense activity and with the arrival of chilly mornings, Libras needed to rest. Never mind, the “plaid and hot chocolate” themed weekends have finally given these eternal party girls a rest: they are ready for the end-of-year celebrations. And they promise to be full of surprises.


“The visit of planets in your relational sector announces an end-of-year period that will take you out of routine,” explains Jean-Yves Espié. The astrologer is clear, the astral conjuncture invites Libras to break their habits, to break away from routine. In the sky, the godmother of the sign, Venus, forms an opposition with the star of change: Uranus. Things are changing for Libras, especially when it comes to relationships (romantic, friendly, and professional) and where they live. The wind is turning, you might as well surf the new wave that presents itself. Jean-Yves Espié’s advice? “Don’t stay in your shell and show your desires. » Asserting yourself could well be a great resolution to keep in 2024, for this sign which sometimes has difficulty asserting itself. The astrologer recommends that Libras let go of the past and trust themselves for the future. As for the present, all that remains is to enjoy.

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