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Compatibility Of Zodiac Signs In Marriage. Complete List Of All Zodiac Signs

Find out how you match each other according to your zodiac sign. Every woman dreams of finding a man with whom she could create a strong and happy family. And sometimes it seems to us that here he is, the chosen one, whom he has been waiting for all his life, but after a while, we understand that we were mistaken.

Zodiac signs compatibility.

It is not necessary to part with a man if he does not fit according to the horoscope. It is enough just to find out what problems may arise in marriage with this man, and be ready for them. The compatibility of zodiac signs in marriage over the years is a great thing! With the right approach, it helps to get around many sharp corners in a relationship. Do we want it? Undoubtedly! So let’s ask the stars how we should behave with a spouse – a representative of one or another zodiac sign. So … Compatibility of the signs of the Zodiac in marriage.

1. Aries Woman

With an Aries man, she seeks dominance, which will create tension. For a normal marriage, the wife should be more compliant. Marriage with a Taurus man is also difficult – Taurus is pragmatic, which is annoying. An alliance with Gemini can be very successful. Both are tireless, inquisitive, active, and able to complement each other. Communication with a Cancer man promises initially a powerful sexual attraction and then quarrels over trifles. Regular storms can lead to the collapse of the union.

With a Leo husband, marriage will become prosperous if you constantly praise his sexuality and potency.
The Virgo husband is also a very suitable match. You just have to forgive him for his restraint and inability to behave too relaxedly. But with Libra, with their tendency to idealize everything, it will be quite difficult to get along – you will have to match the ideal of your husband.

The Scorpio spouse is so independent that if he is not given freedom, this can lead to serious disagreements. The Aries-Sagittarius union promises to be good if you treat conflicts with humor. Aries and Capricorn will also get along, as soon as the wife awakens a strong libido in her restrained husband. You have to be very tactful with your Aquarius husband, and then the connection with him will be great. Union Aries – Pisces is extremely successful in all respects;

2. Taurus Woman

Compatibility of signs of the Zodiac. The union of Taurus with Aries is successful only when the wife does not cool her husband’s enthusiasm and forgives him for rare betrayals. The connection of Taurus with Taurus is ambiguous – Taurus men love to drag women. If the wife does not attach any importance to this, the relationship will become strong and pleasant. With a Gemini husband, marriage is difficult. Gemini is dual and changeable, and it is difficult for Taurus, who is prone to constancy, to adapt to his half all the time. With Cancer, Taurus can have a successful marriage if its physical side satisfies both.

Husband-Leo wife-Taurus will have to constantly please. Otherwise, the marriage will quickly fall apart. There will be no special problems with the Virgo man if you do not pay attention to the puritanism of the spouse. A marriage is also good with a Libra spouse, who will try to satisfy his wife in everything. With a Scorpio husband, the connection promises to be stormy, and it will require tolerance. The Sagittarius man is a good option for an alliance, if you do not try to put him on a short leash. With a Capricorn husband, marriage is unromantic but stable, provided that Taurus curbs his stubbornness. Life with an Aquarius man is problematic because of the difference in temperaments. It will be difficult to cope with the Pisces husband if you do not tactfully help him in the embodiment of fantasies;

3. Gemini Woman

Good prospects for the union of Gemini with Aries. They are not bored together. But with the Taurus man, almost complete incompatibility in everything. Taurus are jealous owners. They will restrict the freedom of the Twins, who will not tolerate this. The connection of Gemini with Gemini is unstable due to the impulsiveness of both. The connection of Gemini with Cancer is not very successful.

Cancer is gullible and will take Gemini seriously. Once he understands that Gemini is playing, and the marriage will fall apart. But the marriage of Gemini with a Leo man is just perfect! The Leo husband will react to all the antics of his wife with admiration and will not interfere with her in anything.

Gemini with Virgo is unlikely to create a happy union. Virgo men are not adventurous and tend to criticize Gemini’s unpredictability. With her husband – Libra, marriage promises to be very happy. Both spouses are not jealous, not owners, both have the appropriate temperaments and love to experiment.

But with a jealous Scorpio Gemini will have a hard time. Passion will cool quickly, and the relationship can become hostile. Marriage with a Sagittarius husband is not bad if the spouses do not make excessive demands on each other. It is not easy to create a strong alliance with Capricorn if you do not take into account his conservatism. Gemini will be fine with her Aquarius husband. The main feature of his character is the unpredictability of fantasies, which Gemini loves so much. But with the Pisces man, relations are unstable due to the atmosphere of suspicion and distrust;

4 Cancer Woman

Compatibility of signs of the Zodiac. With a man-Aries, the relationship is complex. Cancer is the owner, and Aries loves freedom and adventure. Cancer and jealousy can destroy a marriage. Marriage with Taurus is successful – Taurus can understand the mood of Cancer and smooth out the problems that arise because of it. With a Gemini husband, a good union is possible if Cancer can curb his jealousy. The Cancer spouse is too similar to his wife. Marriage is unlikely to be happy if the partners do not become more benevolent.

Cancer and Leo – a successful connection, provided that Leo dominates, and Cancer constantly admires him. A good marriage for Cancer and Virgo, who perfectly understand and complement each other. With Libra, it is difficult for Cancer to get along due to the inconstancy of Libra. The union will be risky. But Scorpio can make his wife happy with his passion and need to protect her.

Communication with Sagittarius can be stable if you allow him to satisfy his wandering desires. It is difficult for Cancer to find a common language with Capricorn – Capricorn has too many interests alien to Cancer. The union will be unstable. Aquarians are too fussy, and adventurous, and do little to suit Cancer’s needs. It is difficult for them to create a good partnership. Cancer and Pisces are a wonderful union. They are perfect for each other in everything;

5. Leo Woman

Leo is very suitable for marriage to Aries – he has the same eccentric and passionate nature. But the compatibility of the signs of the Zodiac in the marriage of Leo and Taurus is doubtful because both are too stubborn. With Gemini, Leo will have an excellent relationship if Gemini is courteous and allows Leo to dominate the union.

The prognosis of Leo’s connection with Cancer is favorable when Cancer loves Leo very much and worships him. The Leo man can make his lioness happy. They are both extremely romantic and sexy. With her Virgo husband, Leo will have a hard time. Virgos are conservative and they do not like the royal power and extravagance of Leo.

Leos can get along well with Libra if they learn to control their mood and admire their partner. It won’t be easy with Scorpio because Scorpio tended to be possessive. Sagittarius’s husband is an excellent option for Leo. He is devoted and able to inspire his wife.

A practical Capricorn will make a good match only on the condition that Leo will yield to some of his requirements and become less extravagant. The marriage of Aquarius and Leo is generally undesirable. Analyst-Aquarius undermines Leo’s self-confidence. The union of Leo with Pisces is also unsuccessful. They just don’t understand each other;

6. Virgo Woman

Aries is an unsuitable party because of the difference in interests of temperaments. With Taurus, Virgo will be happy, since in almost all areas of life they are completely compatible. With Gemini, the union is successful only in a sexual matter. Otherwise, freedom-loving Gemini annoys Virgo. Virgo’s connection with Cancer will be magnificent. Virgo wants to patronize, Cancer is prone to addiction.

Virgo is unlikely to come to an understanding with Leo. Virgo is pragmatic, while Leo is expansive and can’t stand criticism. A union with a Virgo man is possible, but it is unlikely to be bright and joyful because of the restraint of both.

Communication with Libra is not easy. The frivolous Libra and the intolerant Virgo have little in common. With a Scorpio husband, the union will be successful if Virgo allows him to awaken his sexuality. Sagittarius for Virgo is an unsuitable candidate for husbands. He cannot bear the prudence of the Virgin both in life and sex. The marriage of Virgo and Capricorn will be strong and successful. They are both practical, reserved, and have a lot of common ground. Virgo is better not to mess with Aquarius. Virgo is a Puritan, and Aquarius is a madman. With Pisces, the union is also difficult – the Virgin is restrained in love, and for Pisces, love is the main thing in life;

7. Libra Woman

With Aries, the relationship is tense. Aries is tireless, and Libra is thirsty for peace. Marriage with Taurus is unlikely to be successful. Libra is romantic, and Taurus is possessive and materialistic. The partnership with Gemini is perfect. Both are passionate, romantic, and freedom-loving. Marriage with Cancer is difficult. Libra is impulsive and fickle, Cancer is pragmatic and economical.

With Leo, the union is warm if Libra is inferior to the imperious Leo. The mercantile dictators of Virgo are unlikely to make Libra’s wife happy. She will get along well with her Libra husband if both are more practical in their approach to life.

Scorpio leaders for Libra are too jealous. Communication can be stormy, and passionate, but explosive. With Sagittarius, Libra is happy if they forgive his desire for independence. The union with the Capricorn spouse is very unfortunate, because the workaholic Capricorn is annoyed by the laziness of Libra, and Libra cannot stand the practicality of Capricorn. The union with Aquarius is successful.

Aquarius perfectly complements his wife both at home and in bed. Living with Pisces will not be easy for Libra. None of them will want to take responsibility for the family;

8. Scorpio Woman

Zodiac signs compatibility. Relations with Aries are uneven due to the selfishness and ambition of both. Only the bed can unite with Taurus Scorpio. Otherwise, they are unlikely to come to an understanding.

Gemini for Scorpio is a constant tension. Gemini is too changeable, Scorpios are persistent and stubborn. They can create a wonderful union with Cancer. With him – almost complete compatibility both in sexual relations and in characters.

It is better not to mess with Leo Scorpio. They are both very hot-tempered, and constant scandals are inevitable. With Virgo, Scorpions are threatened with incompatibility in the sexual sphere. If it is not there, the union will turn out to be quite good.

The marriage of Scorpio with Libra is complicated. Libra is lazy and sensitive, and Scorpio is active and jealous. The union of Scorpio with Scorpio is also unsuccessful due to the almost complete similarity of heavy characters.

The connection between Scorpio and Sagittarius also leaves much to be desired. Sagittarius is too freedom-loving, Scorpio is the owner. With Capricorn, Scorpio will easily find a common language, and the marriage will be harmonious.

With Aquarius, the union is unsuccessful. Scorpio will not be able to accept his sociability and impracticality. The marriage of Scorpio with Pisces is good. They will gladly obey Scorpio;

9. Sagittarius Woman

With Aries, he has many common interests with him. The marriage will be excellent. With Taurus, a good relationship will require self-discipline. Taurus is a practical homebody, Sagittarians are restless.

Geminis are too mobile and unpredictable. Serious communication is problematic. The union of Scorpio with Cancer is also unreliable. Cancer loves stability and security, and Sagittarius is adventurous and craves adventure.

Leo for Sagittarius is an ideal partner. They have a lot in common, which allows them to perfectly understand each other.

With Virgo, the connection is fragile. Pedantic Virgos cannot stand the recklessness of Sagittarius. But the practicality of the Virgo suits and even really likes the Libra husband.

The union with Libra is promising and will become long and happy. The Sagittarius wife of Scorpions will annoy all the time with her independence.

The marriage between them is not easy. Communication Sagittarius – Sagittarius is unpredictable due to the similarity of nature. The union of Sagittarius with Capricorn is unreliable. Sagittarius is impulsive and irrational, and Capricorn is cautious and stingy.

Sagittarius and Aquarius will perfectly understand each other, as they have similar characters. A good family for Sagittarius with Pisces is doubtful. Pisces are inactive and shy, Sagittarians are energetic and sociable;

10. Capricorn Woman

Zodiac signs compatibility. With Aries, she will compete in everything. Marriage will be successful if both like battles.

With Taurus, relations with will develop perfectly because of the similarity of life values. Gemini and Capricorn are opposites.

The union is unlikely to last long. The connection of Capricorn with Cancer may also be short – they are too different. Leo for Capricorn is also an unimportant partner. Both are too independent.

A strong union will turn out for Capricorn with Virgo. Both are conservative, dependent, practical, and accurate. Communication with Libra is not easy.

Libra is selfish and unable to meet the needs of Capricorns. The successful marriage of Capricorn and Scorpio. Capricorn can accept Scorpio’s tendency to dominate.

The union with Sagittarius is difficult due to the conservativeness of Capricorn and the extravagance of Sagittarius. The connection of Capricorn with Capricorn is satisfactory. Both are hardworking and economical.

With Aquarius, marriage is successful if friendly relations are established between the spouses. The connection between Capricorn and Pisces is great. They complement each other perfectly;

11. Aquarius Woman

Zodiac signs compatibility. With Aries, if he becomes a leader, the union is excellent. Aquarius has constant skirmishes with Taurus – both are uncompromising and have a strong will. The marriage of Aquarius with Gemini is promising and successful.

Gemini willingly succumbs to Aquarius and shares their interests. Union with Cancer is problematic due to the excessive emotionality of Cancer. Relations with Leo are complicated.

Leo is more interested in their physical side, and Aquarius is spiritual. With Virgo, a good marriage is possible only if there are common interests.

With Libra, the relationship will be happy. Aquarius and Libra have similar aspirations. Marriage with a Scorpio is undesirable. He is very jealous and can become aggressive, which is difficult for Aquarius to put up with.

A wonderful partnership between Aquarius and Sagittarius. Both are not jealous, they like to fantasize and be in society.

With Capricorn, the union is contradictory. Capricorn is the owner, it is difficult for him to endure the sociability of Aquarius. The marriage of Aquarius with Aquarius will be reliable – they have a lot of common interests. With Pisces, Aquarius has a fragile connection due to the difference in goals;

12. Pisces Woman

Zodiac signs compatibility. She is happy with Aries if she does not attach importance to his sharpness. Marriage with Taurus is successful when he pays a lot of attention to his wife. Pisces will also get along with Gemini if ​​both become less self-centered.

Pisces and Cancer with the leading role of Cancer are a good couple. The union of Pisces and Leo will be difficult. Pisces are secretive and sentimental, which annoys the unrestrained Leo.

The connection between Pisces and Virgo is not easy. Virgos are practical and picky, which hurts overly sensitive Pisces.

The union of Pisces with Libra is not very favorable. Pisces needs a leader, while Libra does not like to be a leader. In this regard, Pisces will satisfy Scorpios. They love to dominate the family.

An alliance with Sagittarius is undesirable. Sluggish Pisces burden the independent and active Sagittarius. With a strong and domineering Capricorn, Pisces will feel protected.

The connection between them is reliable and strong. Independent Aquarius will not be able to provide such support to Pisces, so marriage is problematic. A pair of Pisces – Pisces, in the absence of a leader, is threatened with emotional exhaustion and indifference.

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