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Daily Horoscope 11th December 2023

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In the morning, Aries should not be surprised by external hitches or their passivity: most likely, this cannot be avoided. The stars advise postponing all active actions until the second half of the day but take into account the risk of restrictions that may slow down the start. A test, breakdown, error, or trap cannot be ruled out. You may have to postpone the main thing until tomorrow, and wait tonight or start overcoming the barrier.


In the morning, Taurus should make sure that the relationships that are significant to them remain harmonious. It is emotional harmony that is important, since active interaction may be in question due to lack of energy, lack of the right people, or other circumstances. In the afternoon, adventures are unsafe and undertakings are problematic – especially if you are dealing with foreigners and people from afar.


In the first half of the day, the stars advise Gemini to stick to their routine, as well as take care of their health and psychological balance – otherwise, it may be difficult to fully face the events of the evening. By the end of the day, the risk of competition and escalation of contradictions will increase. Refusal, a barrier, increased control, a ban on cooperation, an external challenge, or someone else’s anger or criticism are not excluded.


Cancers should use the first half of this day for rest. This is a time when you can indulge your feelings and habits, and also remain by your principles. In the evening, you can’t avoid fuss: the pet’s whims, exacerbation of ailments, or urgent chores are not excluded. Possible failure, obstacle, or disappointment. Many Cancers will have to forget about their ideals and act according to the situation.


Today Leos should be prepared for certain obstacles. In the first half of the day, emotional weakness and increased sensitivity to the atmosphere in the home or office cannot be ruled out. The second half of the day will add a business enterprise or creative energy, but any impulse may encounter an obstacle, psychological or technical. It is important not to lose faith in your strength and talent because of this.


Virgos can spend the first half of this day in passive mode, but the evening will give them a field for action or a reason for concern. It is worth taking measures in advance against business and technical complications, for example, making sure of the reliability of the guest or partner, turning on the security system, taking care of safety nets during work, and preparing mentally for a possible dispute with a household member or landlord.

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Today, Libra should not place much hope on a successful combination of circumstances, or help from other people. In the morning, financial decisions may be dead-end; spontaneous purchases and sales are not recommended. The second half of the day will create obstacles to smooth business interaction, the risk of travel problems will increase, and delays, checks, refusals, interference, delays, or breakdowns are possible.


In the first half of this day, Scorpios tend to remain passive and relaxed, indulging their desires and long-standing habits. As evening approaches, many Scorpios will have a reason for fuss, and the temptation to embark on an adventure cannot be ruled out. Motivation can be quick earnings or business development. The stars advise you to moderate your excitement, since even in a well-planned business a misfire is possible.


It wouldn’t hurt for Sagittarius to start this day with solitude and silence to assess their strength. In the afternoon, it is worth making self-control your motto and eliminating random impulses: even with good preparation, failure or, at best, a delay is possible. When taking risks, remember the importance of the moment: failure can hurt your pride, spoil your plans, and have a bad impact on your home, health, or career.


In the first half of this day, nothing prevents Capricorns from being observers of events, participating in them only of their own free will. In the afternoon, the situation will change and become more insidious: an urgent matter and a false impulse, internal or external, may appear at the same time. It is advisable to beware of ill-wishers behind your back and actions under the influence of others. It is better to refrain from traveling and undertakings.


Today, the stars advise Aquarius to “cut the wings” of their dreams and plans in advance, so as not to experience grief and disappointment (we are talking only about the current affairs of the day and the hopes associated with them). In the first half of the day, it is important to avoid psychological mistakes that can complicate personal relationships or harm your career. The second half of the day can interfere with your initiative or that of a friend.


Pisces should be more careful about positive morning experiences, since at the beginning of the day they may see many things in a rosy light. The second half of the day will show that on any path there is a fatal obstacle. The stars advise postponing the plan or abandoning it since the risk is great: there is a possibility of failure, fear, or refusal, and it is easy to jeopardize your career, health, or relationship with a significant person.

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