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Daily Horoscope 12th December 2023


Today, Aries easily find the use of their energy, even if their capabilities are limited in some way, for example, they have obstacles to moving forward, information delays, or navigation difficulties. Interaction with foreign partners or the exciting process of expanding horizons may continue. Many Aries will be helped by their dexterity, efficiency, passion for sports, or sense of humor.


Today, the stars advise Taurus to combine enterprise and courage with increased caution – otherwise, the risk of unnecessary adventures with unpleasant or ambiguous outcomes will increase. You should be more careful in choosing equipment and transport, as well as partners and fellow travelers, especially abroad (among them there may be people with adventurous inclinations or a dubious reputation).


Today, Geminis finds it difficult to keep up with others’ pace or withstand competition. You can give the initiative only to a very reliable person – remembering that it is his behavior that now sets the tone. It is not safe to tease impulsive, temperamental, hot-tempered competitors. It is risky to get involved with unbalanced and random people, especially guests in your home or residents in other parts.


This day promises Cancers urgent troubles: everyday fuss, business risk, and production emergencies. Many of them will have to seek or provide urgent services, interact with medical or other services, and with foreigners. Having a pet can add adventure. The dexterity or courage of the assistant and the efficiency of the service can play an important role. Treatments may be painful or risky.


Today, in any difficult situation, Leo will be helped out by personal charisma or some kind of “active” talent. For many Leos, this will be dexterity, resourcefulness, creativity, and good sports or business form. Thanks to their abilities and a successful combination of events, it will not be difficult for them to overcome doubt or get out of a trap. The day provides lessons not only in everyday life but also in the spiritual and worldview sphere.


This day may be marked for Virgos by an acute situation in the family, a housing or business emergency, an unsafe adventure at home, or a visit. A violent personal conflict on everyday, ideological, or industrial grounds is possible. The stars advise you to react immediately and boldly to any problem that has arisen, but they advise you to hold off on undertakings of any kind: the impulses of this day will result in great risks.


Today, Libra should not be afraid of the road and other adventures: they will not only add excitement but will also contribute to the development of relationships with the right people and further expansion of horizons. Perhaps there will be an alternative way of cooperation or another workaround in addition to the main one. The information received this day should not be considered final; amendments and improvements are expected.


Today, Scorpios will have to make efforts to ensure that an event that is relevant to them ends successfully, for example, a transaction is completed, and a job or service is paid for. Perhaps for this, you will have to “hurry up”, take risks, and show ingenuity. Scorpios who do not want to conduct their affairs (especially foreign ones) personally will need a deft assistant and he must be reliable.


Sagittarius should remember that today all their actions are important. Many Sagittarians will defend their ideas and rely on their charisma. They should be more careful in choosing tactics for self-expression. Dexterity, enterprise, courage, wit, and a sense of proportion are welcomed. Adventurism, hot temper, haste, negligence, recklessness, suggestibility, intemperance, and false maneuvers can be costly.


Today, the stars warn Capricorns about possible risks that may take the form of insidious traps for them, for example, someone’s active intrigues behind their back or remote maneuvers on the part of ill-wishers. Competitors may weave intrigues, and foreign partners may not be honest in everything. It is dangerous to give in to impulse: failure or side effects (fatigue, disappointment, exacerbation of illness) are possible.


This day may create annoying obstacles for Aquarius or their friends, but you shouldn’t give in to them: adventures are useful. Overcoming a barrier will strengthen friendships, unite the team, add skill, and provide an extra point of support for the future. Today you should not deal with money issues and look for everyday comfort: vivid impressions are more important. It’s good to be in nature, play sports, or have an active hobby.


This day promises more problems than success for Pisces. If the situation is not hopeless, but the problem is urgent, it is better to avoid immediately reacting to it: the result of such an impulse can be a risky adventure that confuses relationships or disrupts plans. There is a possibility of injury, quarrel, and failure. Avoid unnecessary contact with hostile people or angry bosses.

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