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Daily Horoscope 22nd November 2023


Today, the stars do not advise Aries to leave unfinished matters that require secrecy or special delicacy: it is better if they are finished before the evening comes. In the absence of urgent worries, rest is recommended; you can give free rein to your emotions or fantasies. At the end of the day, new tempting plans will appear, but taking on their implementation immediately will not be the best decision: there is a high probability of reaching a dead end.


Today, Taurus’ plans may remain somewhat unclear. Another hitch may be brewing in them. The stars advise not to rush into a new endeavor if there is no special need for it. Also, do not delay cooperation that suits you: at the end of the day, circumstances will change. Perhaps a partner or assistant will reveal their other side or offer an alternative way of doing things.


Today, Geminis can count on progress in their affairs if their plans involve cooperation or depend on other people. A move from the right person is possible. However, changes will not always be pleasant: there is a risk of encountering a delay, inspection, or refusal, or an energetic, assertive competitor. A new turn of events, suggesting possible options, is expected closer to night.


On this day, Cancers can allow themselves to rely on intuition or let things take their course, trusting in fate. Many Cancers will be helped by their imagination or faith, spiritual or professional experience. But they shouldn’t relax completely if they are waiting for an important issue to be resolved: at the end of the day, there may be news related to their work and employment, the treatment of their ailments, or the needs of their pet.


The stars remind Leo that now they should save energy. Having completed the necessary tasks, you should not immediately take on new ones. The development of events these days can inspire despondency, but there is no need to despair: the field of new opportunities is not as great as we would like, but it is there. It is advisable to first look around it, and assess the situation for restrictions and traps. The late evening will add optimism.


The main part of this day forces Virgos to be more insightful to grasp the essence of other people’s hints, read the implicit signs of fate, and recognize possible deception. The opinion of a household member or a person associated with housing (owner, tenant, buyer) may be of particular importance. Perhaps it’s time to draw boundaries and become the master of your territory so that someone else doesn’t start commanding it.


This day does not promise Libra increased vigor or complete freedom of action, but it does give hope. Perhaps a potential friend, an interesting conversationalist, or a potential travel companion will come into view. There may be increased attention to the opinions of the doctor, assistant, or teacher. On this day, it is better not to force events and not expect much activity from partners. It is good for completing necessary tasks or medical procedures.


Today, the stars advise Scorpios to rest or take on only the most necessary things. This is the right moment to rest and “reboot”. It is useful to find time for solitude, to be near the water, and to listen to music. Energy, if any, can be spent on an old hobby. By nightfall, troubles, restrictions or reasons for concern may appear. There may be financial limits and other obstacles to purchases.


Today, Sagittarius receives a new impetus for self-awareness or food for their ambitions, but a combination of circumstances does not allow them to immediately express themselves. Many Sagittarians will not have enough energy. They can be immersed in their fantasies, doubts, or memories until the evening, bound by obligations, limited by their well-being, everyday life, secret complexes, subordination, or the opinion of elders.


Today, the circumstances around Capricorns are unlikely to change radically. The stars remind you of the undesirability of haste, of the risk of misunderstandings and delusions in both minor and serious matters. New nuances of the situation force many Capricorns to pay attention to their health and set restrictions on themselves in connection with it, especially if they have chronic illnesses. It is better to postpone trips and important contacts.


Today the stars remind Aquarius of the need to be more careful. Your instincts may fail, a misunderstanding may arise, or an intriguing situation may arise. Do not take the initiative ahead of time and make your plans public. It is better to be more careful about changes in the behavior of your superiors. You shouldn’t rely on your friend for everything; his capabilities may be limited now. There may be news closer tonight.


Today, Pisces should listen to their subtle intuition, and also monitor developments in the world, in the legal, professional, and medical spheres: news is expected. Changes may not please you: there may be a delay, verification, restriction, or refusal. Contact with a boss, doctor, teacher, client, or other significant person may not work out. It is important not to create the ground for resentment and quarrels.

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