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Daily Horoscope 25th November 2023


Today, it is better for Aries to postpone new starts (for example, going on a long journey, starting a new cycle of work or training), as well as all matters that require mobility, resourcefulness, and an adventurous spirit. On this day it is good to deal with the material part of plans, including the purchase of goods and provisions for travel. Major acquisitions that have been put off may finally be made.


Today Taurus is lucky, but they may not appreciate their luck or miss it due to laziness. The day can bring an increase in appetite, extravagance, additional needs, or unexpected whims, and an increased craving for comfort or prestige. Strategically, it will remind you of the unique gifts of fortune, including the chances of broadening your horizons and spiritual growth, which need to be developed and used.


Today, the stars advise Gemini to pay attention to their material rear, which plays the role of a safety cushion during a period of change. This could be secret savings, income from successful investments, home preparations, or wealthy friends, thanks to whom there is a “margin of safety” in any situation. If it’s time to use one of these resources, you shouldn’t spend it all at once.


Today, Cancers are waiting for a happy occasion in the form of material luck, moral encouragement, or good prospects for the future. Gifts from friends or benefits due to group membership are possible. A suitable day for investing in proven values, as well as for participating in large sales and attending informal events with a gastronomic component (kebabs, restaurant visits, tastings).


Today the stars invite Leos to become practitioners and realists and recommend putting strategic issues above tactical ones. The focus may be on a material base or a material goal, for example, financing a progressive project, working to improve the general welfare, or a specific acquisition, expansion, or renewal of an existing budget. There may be an increase in requests and spending.


Today Virgos can count on good luck. A favorable combination of circumstances gives them a chance to avoid illusions, get around obstacles, and find the best possible solution for any problem. Virgos who are interested in finding housing abroad or managing foreign real estate, looking for tenants or travel companions, receiving guests from afar, or hoping for someone else’s hospitality should not waste time.


Today, Libra does not always have enough personal funds to get what they want. The path to success for many Libras will be through access to shared resources. The key to luck may be a joint budget, a business loan, an advance, a bonus, a friendly loan, a bank deposit, a past investment in an original progressive project, or some kind of value. Having foreign connections or assets can help.


Today, the stars advise Scorpios to respect the authority of others – especially when it comes to influential friends, wealthy investors, or profitable clients. It is advisable to be more loyal to foreign partners. It is also worth considering the views and needs of your marriage partner: you may have to put them above your own. The topic of the day can be material, moral, ethical, or legal issues.


Today the stars advise Sagittarius to think pragmatically and be realistic in any matter. It is better to put concerns related to earnings, health, or household needs (cooking, grocery shopping) in the first place. Pets will require additional attention. It is worth remembering that on this day it is difficult to adhere to restrictions, for example, following a strict diet. Additional costs may apply.


Today fortune will not bypass Capricorns. Moral or material support will come to them, and hope, a source of creative inspiration or spiritual guidance will return. Capricorn parents will receive help in raising children or the rewards of parenthood. If luck lingers, you can treat yourself to something, for example, a long-awaited purchase or a new variation of your favorite dish.


Today Aquarius will have to devote more time and mental energy to their home or loved ones. The day inclines towards generosity, can encourage overeating or gastronomic creativity, and helps to find shelter in a foreign land. It is advisable to avoid excesses, including material and emotional ones: they can soon turn into problems (for example, excessive hospitality and sentimentality can cause harm).


Today, Pisces can count on material gifts from fate or encouraging events that will cheer them up morally. You may be pleased with the replenishment of your budget, a profitable purchase, or a successful find. Under favorable circumstances of this day, you can expand your requests and afford yourself a little more than planned. This is the right time to move forward with a suspended transaction.

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