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Daily Horoscope 28th December 2023


Today the stars recommend Aries to rest. You should not plan time-consuming tasks for this day, even if there is little time left for them: progress on this day is unlikely, and in the coming days you will probably be able to catch up with everything. It’s time to be at home or among loved ones, pay tribute to family ties, immerse yourself in memories of the past, or mentally draw a line under long-standing family history.


This day supports a romantic, nostalgic, or family mood around Taurus, which will certainly resonate with them and intersect with their dreams or values. It is not necessary to follow formalities on this day. The emotional connection will be more important than the verbal one. If you want to send a message to someone, it is better to do without long speeches and choose a beautiful image or a sentimental melody.


Gemini should not expect obvious dynamics in communication from this day, for example, the continuation of a gambling discussion. You should not be afraid of new attacks from your opponent, insidious maneuvers of others, and harsh criticism. On these days, it is quite possible to take a break in dialogue and cooperation, to give free rein to family feelings or other emotions. The right moment to get rid of old things and say goodbye to some of your old values.


Today, Cancers can enjoy the harmony of the moment, for example, the achieved balance of interests. The day is conducive to romance and art and reminds us of the spiritual side of events. Perhaps proof of love or reward. Don’t take on new things and do routine things. You can fall out of the everyday hustle and bustle, remember the pleasant moments of the past, and gain strength before a troublesome task.


Leos should use this day to relax. It is good for complete privacy or communication in a narrow circle; it does not encourage contact with random strangers. Until nightfall, there may be drowsiness, laziness, sentimentality, suggestibility, secrecy, or dependence on secret temptations. When arranging a mental reboot and physical rest, it is important not to deprive yourself of emotional nourishment.


Today Virgos may not be afraid of new problems. The good side of this day is the absence of unnecessary fuss, urgent matters, and direct threats, the opportunity to relax alone or in good company, as well as the right to be romantically nostalgic about the past. When thinking about the future, you should not always believe your own and collective premonitions: most likely, it will not fit into the framework of familiar ideas.


Today it is better for Libra to give up unnecessary activity: postpone tedious events and important undertakings, postpone a targeted business trip or meeting. Such plans can be safely put on pause until tomorrow. It is worth remembering that this day can provoke excessive sensitivity, as well as dependence on family and everyday life. It is good to sum up financial affairs and decide the fate of old things.


Today it is important for Scorpios not to miss the gifts of fate, to appreciate moments of love, harmony, and good luck. Many gifts of fortune are now farewell and evoke sentimental feelings on the threshold of a new life period. It is important to understand what it is time to get rid of, and what should be protected as an undeniable value. We can talk about feelings, things, rights, family ties, aesthetic tastes, or spiritual ideals.


Today Sagittarius will have to come to terms with a pause in business and their activity. All their attempts to force events, to impose their way of thinking and style of action on others will fail. This is a suitable day for immersing yourself in emotional experiences and sentimental memories of the past and communicating with family members, compatriots, and old acquaintances. It is important to pay off old debts.


On this day, Capricorns should focus on the situation and psychological atmosphere. Depending on the situation, the stars advise them to follow the tastes of their audience, the current mood among their friends, and the emotional background in their family or marriage. It is important not to reject signs of attention from those who are ready to remain friends or cherish love, and not to create problems in relations with them in the future.


Today Aquarius should not count on rapid progress. We’re not just talking about time-consuming tasks: laziness, absent-mindedness, or apathy are not excluded even during the simplest tasks. It is better not to plan any undertakings, trips, training, intense discussions, or active participation in group events for this day. Don’t expect much from your assistants. It doesn’t hurt to monitor your health.


The stars tell Pisces that today they prefer relaxation or a quiet lifestyle. The specific choice will be prompted by your instinct; on this day it is not mistaken. You can devote time to romantic relationships, communication with children, or a peaceful hobby. For many Pisces, music, love, spiritual life, the legacy of the past or the ideal world created by their rich imagination will play a big role.

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