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Daily Horoscope 31st October 2023


Today, Aries can take a break from the stressful and risky side of their affairs, allow themselves hesitation, an alternative view of the situation, or a little frivolity in their behavior. This is a good time to gather more information, take short trips and compare options. The day increases sociability and many data can be obtained in the process of communicating with the environment, including neighbors and fellow travelers.


Today, the stars advise Taurus not to rush into agreements, including financial ones, not to rush into paperwork, approval of plans and calculations. It is possible that the data will be incomplete or not entirely correct, and additional approvals or corrections will be required. Before you decide on a particular purchase, it doesn’t hurt to collect competent reviews about it from reliable sources.


Today, the stars advise Gemini to put their own needs first, and if the everyday bustle takes over, then at least not to forget about them. Depending on the situation, this could be health, work, or maintaining the necessary connections. The day does not promise complete clarity; misunderstandings, doubts, and hitches in personal life and financial affairs are possible. It’s better not to make important decisions and not to rush into purchases.


Today, the stars advise Cancers to take a break from their own thoughts, even interesting and important ones, and get into the atmosphere around them. However, it is worth remembering that the psychological background of these days is not very clear, and plans are not always reliable. Messages may need to be verified; sensations may be deceiving. Perhaps some people will let you down, even those who seemed the nicest.


Today, the stars recommend that Leos relax or go somewhere where they can relieve excess psychological stress. This is a good way to get rid of incipient depression or excessive hopes. If possible, these days it is better to live minutely and not make too detailed plans, since the future may be shrouded in a haze of mystery – including where finances and material matters are involved.


Virgos should remember that today they can make a strategic mistake, succumbing to an illusion or secret weakness. The reason for the miscalculation may be laziness, inconstancy of feelings, gullibility, underestimation of other people’s hidden motives, or excessive confidence in one’s own attractiveness. This is not the best time for important decisions and responsible endeavors, especially those affecting marriage, finances, status and career.


For Libra today, any plot can start successfully, which does not protect them from mysteries or contradictions. Sometimes Libra themselves will create the ground for this, for example, by having some secrets, showing carelessness in details or idealism. Misunderstandings and weaknesses of this day can be treated with humor if they do not affect health and do not create problems in relationships with assistants, especially foreigners.


The stars tell Scorpios that the events of this day can lure them onto rather shaky ground, including in financial matters and in love. This is not the day when you can be completely confident in your own and others’ sympathies or material capabilities. This is not the best moment for important long-term investments and for “investing” your mental strength in some kind of permanent relationship.


Today the stars advise Sagittarius to be more attentive in communication. This is a suitable day for entertainment, visits and light flirting, but not the best day for important meetings and dialogues on serious topics, including professional ones. There is a high probability of succumbing to the charm of your interlocutor and missing an important hidden detail, which will subsequently negate the benefit of the concluded agreement.


Today the stars recommend Capricorns to be more attentive to details. The day allows for minor indulgences, for example, deviations from a strict diet or leniency towards subordinates, especially women. But this should not come to the detriment of important matters and strategic plans. Negligence can have a negative impact on your progress towards your goal or your health. Not the best time to choose an assistant, a job, or a medicine.


Today, the stars advise Aquarius to relax or do simple things and avoid unnecessary responsibility. This is a good time for easy romantic contacts, free creativity, and relaxed communication with children. It is worth remembering that many details on this day seem frivolous and uncritical. Possible financial miscalculations, love illusions, fruitless fantasies, carelessness.


Pisces should take into account that the background of this day may remain ambiguity, uncertainty and inconstancy. Any worries and fears will be mitigated, but there is also the “other side of the coin”: saving self-deception, false consolation. Pleasant relationships with a degree of mutual sympathy today do not guarantee serious agreements. When communicating with household members and your marriage partner, you should show leniency.

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