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Diet and zodiac signs. Everything you need to know about the right diet for each zodiac sign!

Everything seems to be written in the stars, from luck in love, money, or business to how we handle certain diets and the determination with which we follow them to achieve the much-desired results.

Aries(March 21 – April 20)

Aries are extremely attentive to the way they look and are very concerned about their physical appearance and health. Therefore, they do not like to be overweight.

They start any diet with enthusiasm but tend to get bored quickly and abandon it if the results do not appear quickly enough and start, full of hope and courage, another regime.

Because of their very impulsive nature, they hate anything that comes with a restriction and find it very difficult to stick to a schedule for a long, so they need to learn patience.

One way to go on a diet would be to compete with someone else because their desire to win is known to motivate them enough to give their best.

It is good to emphasize protein because the amino acids in protein nourish the brain, the part of the body that characterizes Aries.

Taurus(April 21 – May 21)

Tauruses are fixed earth signs and don’t let themselves be swayed by the latest weight loss trends. Always prefer natural methods, even though they are slower.

They are well organized and their tenacity will make them not give up once they start a diet, however slowly the results appear.

It’s true, they also have a pretty lazy metabolism and don’t like to exercise either, so it’s pretty hard to lose weight. One thing that would benefit them and combine the useful with the pleasant would be to grow their vegetables.

It would be good to avoid sweets or foods that are too fatty, because the typical Taurus usually has weight problems, especially in the belly area.

Gemini(May 22 – June 21)

Geminis have high expectations and are very impatient, so they tend to burn calories quite quickly, but not necessarily lose weight.

However, they are extremely optimistic and love changes of any kind, so they have the necessary motivation to change their lifestyle to lose weight.

They often need a friend to reassure them if the results do not appear as quickly as they imagined and should stay away from the scale to avoid possible neurosis caused by excessive weighing.

Otherwise, they need to allow enough time to sit down and enjoy a balanced meal, rather than eating it standing up, and watching the clock. Another risk would be to talk about the diet much more than put it into practice.

It’s good to avoid fast food and take time to eat in an organized and relaxed way to calm your nerves.

Cancer(June 22 – July 21)

Cancers love to eat and feed others. If they are overweight, it usually takes them years of worry before they decide to take action and start a diet.

In addition, they tend to eat emotionally, associating food with happy childhood moments and referring to food and nutrition as evidence of care and love. Because of this, it’s no wonder they can’t diet.

When they do, though, they’ll hold it until the results come out. All they need is a good enough reason to start. They tend to keep certain non-diet goodies hidden away in a drawer.

It is good to avoid unhealthy foods from childhood. They must also stop emotional eating to control their feelings and avoid digestive disorders.

Leo(July 22 – August 22)

For weight-conscious Leos, diet is a thorny issue. If there is a diet that promises them quick results, they get excited and manage to lose weight quickly.

Unfortunately, however, the results are not long-lasting. That’s why it’s important to choose a regimen that’s a bit slower, but with reliable long-term results.

They need the appreciation and support of those around them, so friends or family should do well to give positive feedback about how good they look and how much weight they’ve lost.

Ideally, he would ignore those who criticize his efforts. Another tip would be to replace high-carb sauces with lighter marinades.

Virgo(August 23 – September 22)

Perfectionist Virgos will encounter difficulties, precisely because of their desire to do everything according to the book.

Losing weight can be a real ordeal despite the positive outlook. Their practical sense makes them choose the most suitable diets, which they abandon because they have unrealistic expectations and thus end up losing out enthusiasm instead of pounds.

An optimal solution for Virgos would be to join a support group, to deal with possible disappointments much more easily.

It would be ideal to choose organic food, because Virgos rule the skin, which is prone to allergies, caused, among other things, by food additives and pesticides.

Libra(September 23 – October 22)

Extremely conscious of their appearance, Libras tend to have a rather slow metabolism and gain weight quite easily, mainly because they love sweets and aren’t too keen on exercising.

They need a lot of motivation to start a diet, which needs to be balanced and healthy. In addition, you need to eat a little less than usual to lose weight faster.

Ideally, they should get a gym membership for more discipline or try to follow the diet with their best friend, with whom they can share various experiences related to it. Whatever they choose, it must be an option that balances them internally, first and foremost.

Potassium-rich foods such as bananas, leafy greens, yogurt, and fish are the most recommended foods for Libras to diet, especially since Libras need to pay attention to kidney health, and optimal potassium levels keep the kidneys healthy.

Scorpio(October 23 – November 21)

Extremely determined and very well organized, if Scorpios plan to lose weight, then no one and nothing will stand in their way.

If their daily responsibilities prevent them from achieving their goals, then Scorpios become very anxious.

In addition, they tend to dive so deeply into the diet program that they often overdo it, either by eating too little or exercising too much, these are pitfalls to avoid.

They do not tell others that they are on a diet, but accept their compliments by smiling enigmatically and enjoying their secret.

Scorpios rule the digestive tract and tend to suffer from constipation, so they need a high-fiber diet.

Sagittarius(November 22 – December 21)

Sagittarians can stick to a diet very easily and lose weight quite quickly because they like to exercise.

However, ideally, they should try to limit their workouts using a specialized weight loss program, as they are prone to excesses of any kind.

Food abstinence can be a real test as they are foodies and need to be realistic about what they can get from a diet.

They need to choose dietary substitutes for cream, salt, and sugar, because Sagittarians rules the liver, and heavy and fatty foods make them feel uncomfortable.

Capricorn(December 22 – January 19)

Extremely determined and capable, Capricorns are determined to go all the way and sacrifice anything to achieve their goals, which also applies to possible diets.

They are usually not prone to putting on much weight, but when they do, they have no problem shedding the extra pounds.

They don’t take advice from others when following a diet, which can be harmful to them at times.

For them, a light exercise program and a simple diet are all they need, but the problem is that the more severe the regimen, the more satisfied they are. A suitable addition to the diet would be the practice of disciplines such as Tai Chi or aerobics.

Capricorns rule the bones, so an optimal calcium intake is essential for maintaining their health.

Aquarius(January 20 – February 18)

Weird, bland diets or dietary supplements, Aquarians know best what they want, sometimes customizing and adapting it to their lifestyle.

But once a diet is adopted, they rarely give it up, making it part of their long-term lifestyle.

Aquarians need to learn that moderation is key and know when to stop. They are optimistic and independent and get the results they want, but they are also unpredictable and quite individualistic and don’t like too many restrictions.

Aquarians should replace alcohol with ginger ale, which stimulates the circulatory system it governs.

Pisces(February 19 – March 20)

Unpredictable, they say one thing and do another, and feel extremely overwhelmed by the limitations imposed by a serious diet.

They like heavy food and gain weight quite easily, so they would prefer a varied diet.

It is very difficult for them to find the motivation to start this, but their rich imagination comes to their aid and, being able to imagine what they will look like at the end of the diet, it is much easier to get down to business.

It is good to practice yoga, dance, or meditation daily, which helps them to express their repressed feelings or hidden emotions much more easily.

Fish should be careful about hydration, as it can often happen that they eat when, in fact, they are thirsty. Another thing to avoid is the abuse of alcohol or other substances.

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