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Disadvantages Of Each Zodiac Sign – Pros And Cons Of Zodiac Signs

A list of certain negative character traits of all zodiac signs. Astrologers have long compiled their characteristics of both the advantages and disadvantages of representatives of different signs of the Zodiac. And if you know what negative character traits are inherent in, say, Cancer, then perhaps this will help you get around sharp corners in communication. Once we get to know a person, we begin to gradually get to know him. Of course, first of all, we are shown only positive character traits. And suddenly, quite unexpectedly, something opens up that you don’t even know how to react.

Of course, you want to know about the shortcomings in advance. Astrologers have long compiled a list of certain negative character traits of all the signs of the Zodiac. Just don’t take it seriously. After all, the stars can also joke. Disadvantages of each zodiac sign:


The disadvantages of each sign of the Zodiac. If you met Aries on the way, then be prepared that this person can express everything directly on the forehead, without hiding anything. Yes, and you will not hide from him – if he wants to get it, he will certainly get it. What other desires are there, what personal space is there? Aries will break into you in the middle of the night with a nonsense problem and will sincerely wonder – why are they looking askance at him? It has long been known about Aries that they break through any walls with their foreheads, well, that’s right, the head is not created to think with it, you need to eat in it.

By the way, about food. Aries know that they are rustic and love to pretend to be such gourmets and connoisseurs of all sorts of frills. Let them tell themselves stories about how they love to develop and blue cheese – don’t believe it! The same applies to fashion, art, films, and theatrical productions. You look at Aries at some premiere – his teeth are grinding from boredom, but all the same, chasing the image of an intellectual. In love, Aries resembles a natural disaster. Having received what he wants – whether it be a loved one, a toy, or a position, Aries instantly loses interest in all this and rushes headlong further, looking for new adventures for his sirloin and finding them, joyfully and enthusiastically steps on the same rake again and again.


The fact that Taurus is never in a hurry (with conclusions) is clear to many after the very first minutes of communication. But this is only an appearance. Taurus can sleep with their eyes open during a conversation, or give cues out of place. And all because the topic is not interesting to him, that is, it does not directly concern him personally. Your familiar Taurus will be cute, sleepy, and fluffy until his interests are hurt. Here everyone will immediately see how a soft and kind heifer turns into an angry buffalo. And no red rags are needed – just try to take the last cookie from the plate that Taurus is aiming at. Sitting then on the highest tree in the area, you will have enough time to think about the restraint of Taurus and their generosity.

By the way, about the soul and matter – Taurus are terrible materialists. And disinterestedly love money. How disinterested, anyone who tries to do business with Taurus can be convinced. Employers shudder nervously at the mere mention of Taurus – not only will such a person, not overwork, but they will also demand all the due vacation pay, bonuses, maternity pay, as well as 13th and 14th salaries. In love, Taurus is a romantic idealist. He can devour you with a languid look for years, but he will either be too lazy or scared to approach you. To push Taurus to a love attack, a good kick will not hurt – in the form of a potential rival or boyfriend.


The fact that the Gemini are famous talkers and “cheekers” of brains is not known only by the lazy or those who have not encountered them in life. Geminis seem to be created to generate and spread rumors, which they sincerely consider to be objective information. Irony in their understanding is a rather specific humor aimed at imprinting absent friends and acquaintances. At the same time, any self-respecting Gemini looks like a kind of angel without wings. Therefore, when you once again laugh cheerfully at his outrageous jokes directed against a common friend, think about it – what does Gemini say about you when you are not around? It is unlikely that he sings praises to you, for sure, you will not expect this from him.

In the head of the Gemini, sometimes there is a complete mess – today he says one thing, tomorrow – quite another, and he does not know what he will say the day after tomorrow. The advice “Sometimes it’s better to chew than to talk” was created by someone affected by the talkative Gemini. But even quite restrained Gemini (and there are such, yes, yes!) Can surprise especially in the love sphere. How do you like this idea – to have several love affairs at the same time and put psychological experiments on naive girls (or boys)? Sigmund Freud is just nervously smoking on the sidelines!


What Cancer comes up with in his head, no psychoanalyst will be able to unravel, and if he tries, then Cancer will most likely be mortally offended. There are holy words for any Cancer – this is “mine”, “personal”, and “property”. Therefore, Cancers with the same frenzy will protect their property and their personal lives. Crayfish are so original! They can let something really rude addressed to them go past their ears, and be offended to death by an innocent remark. By the way, about insults – it is almost impossible to understand what Cancer was offended by.

You can guess on cards, on coffee grounds, on beans – the result is the same, you will hit the sky with your finger. Cancer just hasn’t come up with it yet – for what to pout at you, there will always be a reason, but this will not be the case. In love, Cancers are eerily mysterious – either they love-can’t, overcoming the object of passion with calls and wrapping pink snot around their fist, or cold-bloodedly cheating with those who are wealthier and stronger in terms of character.


Disadvantages of each zodiac sign. Anyone who meets Leo in society is usually fascinated – what a darling, charming, and charming! Attention! This is a demo. Everyone is pleased to admire the handsome Leo, the soloist at the party. But, do not forget – admire only from a distance! If such an instance approaches and enters your life, it will be a disaster – first of all, for you. Have you heard the words – despot, tyrant? So, it’s all about him.

To subjugate a loved one or friend to their will, Lions use everything – threats, beating dishes and furniture. Remember that Leo seeks to fill all the space with himself, so it remains only to either give him everything or drive him into a reservation. True, in this case, relations or friendship with Leo obviously will not drag on. To say that in love the Lions pull the blanket over themselves is to say nothing. You will communicate with whom Leo says, go where he is interested and live his life.


Those who believe that Virgos are harmless, kind, meek, and modest creatures, oh, how they are mistaken. This is just an appearance! Such a modest chamomile will easily shave off anyone who inadvertently decides to cross the road to her or her loved ones. In career matters, the uninterested appearance of Virgo regularly deceives the vigilance of competitors. While they are running, like running squirrels in a wheel, it somehow imperceptibly turns out that it is Virgo who becomes the boss. Sleight of hand and no cheating!

Periodically, Dev finds a verse, and they suddenly become kind and generous, but they miss them, as a rule, not for long. Virgos are thrifty to the point of horror and with great difficulty part with both money and spiritual energy. In love, the most difficult thing is to get Virgo, this sign is not disposed towards marriage. But after that, you can relax – Virgo will selflessly and gratuitously correct you with criticism, teach you about life, and polish a diamond like you, but it won’t get away from you.


Libras are romantic and sweet but with outsiders and strangers. Therefore, they should remain so. Libra should get to know you better – where does it come from? Or rather, where everything disappears – gallantry, politeness, attentiveness! Libra can resemble an unsweetened candy in a very beautiful package: upon closer acquaintance, stubbornness, egocentrism, whims, and mood swings climb out of them. A special bummer threatens lovers who are tempted by the sexual appearance of Libra.

Under the s*xy wrapper is a cold careerist or careerist, with sudden mood swings, obsessed with achieving his personal goals. Anyone who has seriously fallen in love with Libra should know that they are also mercantile, so the marriage of convenience for them is not uncommon, but rather the rule. True, we should give them their due, Libra has its code of honor, which they do not violate – since they promised to be together in sickness and health, in poverty and wealth, in sorrow and joy, they will, where to go – gritting their teeth and through “not Can”.


Astrologers responsibly declare – the sexual capabilities of Scorpios are greatly exaggerated! Most likely, the Scorpios themselves. Being a slow, fixed sign, Scorpios are slow in developing relationships. The fire in them flares up slowly, but just as slowly, and goes out. That is, the object of scorpion love can long ago go to another, get married, and give birth to children, and Scorpio will continue to call and breathe into the phone, lie in wait at the entrance, and offer to “start all over again”.

It is worth giving up once and answering “yes” – before you have time to look back, you will be sitting in his kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, boiling a pot of borscht according to his mom’s favorite recipe. Such a development of relations is designed for an amateur, so Scorpios live in anticipation of such a frame. Both at work and home, Scorpios do only what they consider necessary. Worries about daily bread and everyday life often fall on the shoulders of the spouses of Scorpios, therefore it is better to connect your life only with Scorpios – hereditary princes or oligarchs.


Disadvantages of each sign of the Zodiac. The enthusiasm and optimism of Sagittarius help them a lot to cope with various problems and difficulties that they have organized for themselves. Sagittarius is a typical shoemaker without boots, this is the case when a fat one teaches how to lose weight, a poor one teaches how to get rich and a childless one teaches how to raise children. The riddle consists that learning, as a rule, successfully! Getting a Sagittarius is as easy as shelling pears – pretend that you need to learn something from him and that’s it, it’s in the bag. It’s enough just to nod from time to time and say: “Yes?”, “Really?”, “I would never have thought.”

If Sagittarius is not a professional teacher, then he harasses his family and work colleagues, teaching everyone everything. Possessing, moreover, a sickly conceit, Sagittarians are never able to suspect how they tire everyone around them. In addition, Sagittarians are so unbearably kind, so willing to rush to help, that no one simply turns their tongues to open their eyes. Fortunately for the environment, most representatives of this sign love change, so their jobs, colleagues, wives, and husbands change with a certain frequency.


This sign seems to have been created to forever prepare for something important and global in your life. They even go to the store with the same air as others to storm the Winter Palace. Capricorns are rarely satisfied with their fate: they either rushed to be born, or were late, or it was better for them not to be born at all. Realists and pessimists Capricorns in some matters, however, are naive, like children. It seems to them, for example, that if you plan your whole life correctly, you will get – well, if not fame, then at least fame.

Thank God, Capricorns do not have the patience to follow their devious plans, but no one bothers them to be sad and depressed about what has not happened in their lives. Over the years, when youthful idealism evaporates, Capricorns turn into peppy and optimistic old men and old women. They finally begin to live one day, and their spouses for once receive bouquets and romantic gifts – if, of course, they live to see this happy day.


Disadvantages of each zodiac sign. Aquarians are real aliens, and those who do not appear to be such are simply well disguised. Almost every Aquarius has his own “fad”, sometimes it is hidden, and sometimes not. Someone photographs UFOs, someone deduces the formula of money by playing all possible games of chance, someone invents the time machine, or someone comes up with a super-successful business. Aquarius selects friends and loved ones from among like-minded people. But if everything is clear with friends – they are the same enthusiasts as he, then with loved ones, not everything is so transparent.

The love boat of Aquarius often breaks into everyday life. After some time, it turns out that a loved one does not understand a family as a joint “invention of a bicycle” and not a trip with Aquarius through the Altai taiga in search of “places of power”. The only thing that sometimes reconciles Aquarius with family life is children. Most Aquarians cherish in their hearts the dream that someday the children will continue their work and discover Bigfoot’s lair in the forests of the Moscow Region or find the treasures of the Romanov family in an abandoned sewer.


The disadvantages of each sign of the Zodiac. It must be said in fairness – individuals born under the sign of Pisces and freely related to moral standards are more common than under other signs of the Zodiac. Those of them who swim against the current, at least, do not pretend to be saints, but honestly drive towards their goal, demolishing everything in their path, like a tsunami wave. The strong intuition and energy of Pisces allow them to instantly “read” the situation and make the right moves. Fortunately, there are not so many such Pisces, otherwise, mere mortals would not be able to resist their hypnotic charm and witchcraft magnetism.

Much more often there are lovers of secret adultery, “underground” millionaires, as well as mystics, fortune-tellers, and clairvoyants. At first glance, these are good spouses, friends, colleagues, and parents, but what they think about their lives, fortunately, is a mystery shrouded in darkness. A self-respecting Pisces will never confess to treason, even if caught red-handed, she will say that everything is wrong and you have imagined everything. The same Fish will say if she is accused of some other unseemly act. You will not have time to look back, as you will be to blame for everything, and Pisces will still heartily console you and ask you not to worry and not blame yourself for everything.

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