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Energy Vampires By Zodiac Sign: 5 Most Dangerous

Energy vampires are people, after communicating with whom you feel that you have no strength at all. They seem to feed off your energy, and you feel empty. We tell you which zodiac signs are real vampires.


If you have a good relationship with Scorpio, you don’t have to worry about anything: communicating with him will only bring you joy, positive emotions, and a surge of strength. But if you come into conflict with him, beware: Scorpios know how to derive pleasure and energy from the fact that their opponent experiences anger, and frustration and becomes hysterical. And keep in mind – he will bring you to the boiling point on purpose.


Pisces can drain your energy without wishing you any harm at all. They are simply prone to melancholy, they like to complain about life, whine, and beg for sympathy. The problem is that they usually don’t want to get real help from you: they don’t need your active participation in their fate, they want to be provided with free psychotherapy. But an ordinary person is not a doctor or a psychologist; he does not know how to distance himself from other people’s problems, especially if these are the problems of a loved one. Therefore, often after such communication with Pisces, people feel that all the joy of life has been taken away from them.


Among the representatives of this sign, there are often narcissistic individuals who revel, on the one hand, in the admiration of others, and on the other, in feelings of guilt. That’s why Leos always demand attention from others, and if they don’t receive it, they shower you with sudden coldness, push you away, and make you feel like you did something wrong. And they enjoy how you spend all your energy on reconciliation.


Cancers constantly worry about whether they are loved enough and demand confirmation of this love. And if they don’t get it, they use all the methods that will make you worry: whining, insults, ignoring, long stuffy conversations, and even blackmail. To be fair, it is worth noting that dancers regularly confirm their love for someone – with care and gifts. But proving your feelings to them is very tiring, especially since Cancers demand it, not ask.


Virgo draws energy from arguments and quarrels. This is why Virgos criticizes everyone: when Virgos manages to convince another person that he is wrong, they are filled with a sense of their importance and significance, enjoy being right, and are proud of how smart and skillful they are in argument. At the same time, it is almost impossible to argue with Virgo – she can continue this for hours, taking away your energy with every minute.

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