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Find Out! What Is The Strongest Quality Of Your Zodiac Sign?

We all have feelings, of course. Sometimes we show them, sometimes not. But not all feelings touch us deep in our hearts. Each of us has a very specific emotion that we feel the most. Your zodiac sign tells you which emotion you feel most strongly.

Zodiac sign Pisces (February 20th – March 20th)

Strongest emotion: sensitivity

As the zodiac sign Pisces, you are very emotional in all directions: joy, sadness, anger, you feel intensely and that makes you more sensitive in some situations than many people might expect. Sometimes this can be difficult if you overreact a bit, but it also makes you extremely loving and empathetic.

Zodiac sign Taurus (April 21st – May 20th)

Strongest emotion: stubbornness

With your head through the wall: Taurus-born people are known for this type of behavior. You represent your opinion with full commitment and are sometimes so stubborn that others are surprised. However, that doesn’t always have to be a bad thing: you stand up for your beliefs. Just remember not to be reckless! Then your stubbornness is a positive emotion that drives you and at the same time makes you steadfast.

Zodiac sign Sagittarius (November 23rd – December 21st)

Strongest emotion: naivety

That sounds harsh at first: people with the zodiac sign Sagittarius are often naive, sometimes even careless. This also has to do with their love for spontaneous, crazy, and funny activities. Sometimes they overstep the mark or are too easily talked into by others. Sometimes before you think about what you’re doing, it’s already happened. This can sometimes cause trouble, but it can also lead to unforgettable moments. Sagittarians love their freedom and would rather have something adventurous to say than miss a chance. Be careful anyway!

Zodiac sign Leo (July 23rd – August 23rd)

Strongest emotion: optimism

Leos are strong personalities who like to pull others along with them and they achieve this not least because of their internalized optimism, which often drives them emotionally. Sometimes thinking can even become a little too toxically positive, so that even difficult situations are glossed over. As a Leo, you sometimes have to take care not to lose touch with reality. However, never let your positive nature take away from you!

Zodiac sign Aquarius (January 21st – February 19th)

Strongest emotion: selfishness

That also sounds nasty at first: people born in Aquarius think a lot about themselves. Their guiding principle, egoism, can sometimes hurt others, but this zodiac sign often means something completely different. Selfishness and sometimes a certain egocentricity serve self-love. Aquarians try to give themselves a lot of affection and then treat themselves to a little more for their well-being. An emotion that also requires a certain balance.

Zodiac sign Gemini (May 21st – June 21st)

Strongest emotion: sociability

You could also say: sociability and a sense of family. Although Gemini can be alone at times, they much prefer hanging out with others and always having someone to talk to. And that’s what drives them: They like to throw parties and dream of having their own family. The more people scurry around, the more beautiful it is. But be careful: No matter how enviable your social streak is, don’t lose yourself and learn to appreciate the time alone with yourself!

Zodiac sign Libra (September 24th – October 23rd)

Strongest emotion: a sense of justice

Libras are driven by a deeply internalized sense of fairness. For others to have a chance, they sometimes back down and get angry when they see injustice in a situation. As a result, they sometimes interfere a little too much because they just want to help ensure fair conditions.

Zodiac sign Virgo (August 24th – September 23rd)

Strongest emotion: authority

Virgo-born people like to take the scepter, whether it was given to them or not. A certain addiction to control goes hand in hand here because Virgos find it quite difficult to subordinate themselves or hand over tasks. They prefer to keep an eye on everything themselves. Your authoritarian actions can be both a blessing and a curse. As a Virgo, you should be aware of this and always consider individually how much you should allow your actions to be guided by this emotion.

Zodiac sign Scorpio (October 24th – November 22nd)

Strongest emotion: anger

Scorpios are often seething! They are easily angered and do not shy away from heated discussions. Anger is often the feeling that drives you to certain impulsive actions and statements. This can sometimes be exhausting, but sometimes the offensive nature of Scorpios also helps to finally address simmering negative feelings. This cleans the air like it does after a thunderstorm and prevents anger from building up.

Zodiac sign Capricorn (December 22nd – January 20th)

Strongest emotion: realism

Capricorns are down-to-earth and think so realistically that it can sometimes be difficult for some dreamers and optimists to deal with them. And yet her emotionally calm, rational nature can be a great balance so that you don’t lose touch with reality.

Zodiac sign Aries (March 21st – April 20th)

Strongest emotion: restlessness

Aries are restless. It’s really difficult for them to just lie around and let themselves drift. Her restlessness makes her jump up again and again. On the one hand, this can lead to Aries constantly discovering new things for themselves and, for example, trying out new hobbies, but sometimes the feeling is simply draining. As an Aries, try to breathe as much as you can before you cause yourself too much stress.

Zodiac sign Cancer (June 22nd – July 22nd)

Strongest emotion: fear of loss

Cancers are highly emotional and often noticeably in one direction: They want to use all means possible to prevent something from being taken away from them. Especially in relationships, they can cling, not out of spite, but out of pure fear of loss, which drives many of their actions. Even if you, as a Cancer, don’t mean it that way: Be careful that your fear of loss doesn’t end up scaring others away. When measured carefully, they will appreciate your love more than if you crush them with it.

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