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Happier As Singles: These 3 Zodiac Signs Don’t Need A Relationship

Not all of us are relationship people. For some, their freedom is too important. These three zodiac signs are happy singles.

No matter whether they simply don’t like being alone or have been looking for true love all their lives: Some people feel like they are always in a relationship.

But there is also exactly the opposite. Some people do much better alone and prefer their independence. Evil tongues would claim that they are incapable of relationships. They simply value their freedom.

Here you can find out which three zodiac signs are happier as a single person than in a relationship according to the horoscope.

Aquarius: True free spirit

As an Aquarius, you value your freedom above all else. You quickly feel restricted in relationships because you like to make your own decisions without always taking other people’s opinions into account. This may seem selfish to others, but you’d rather do your own thing.

So instead of falling into an unhappy romantic relationship, you’d rather have your friends around you. Because with them you can steal horses just as well (if not better)!

Taurus: No compromises

As a Taurus, you don’t like to leave your comfort zone – but it’s also just comfortable in there! Taurus-born people are not incapable of relationships at all, they just really don’t like making a lot of compromises. They love the stability, material security, and personal freedom in their single life too much for that.

All of this can make it quite difficult to find a partner – but that’s not necessarily a problem for Taurus. True to the motto “alone, but not lonely,” you prefer to concentrate on your own goals and enjoy life at your own pace.

Scorpio: Emotional overload

As a Scorpio, you are passionate about everything you do. A relationship, with all its ups and downs, can overwhelm you emotionally. Because when you form a deep connection with another person, that’s it.

As a Scorpio, you often prefer to stay single and are not necessarily considered a relationship person. Before you give in to the intensity of a relationship, explore your inner strength.

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