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Have Two Faces: These Zodiac Signs Are Difficult To Understand

Some people rarely show their true selves or are flighty about their feelings. You can read here which zodiac signs have two faces.

Some people rarely show their true selves. While they have a façade on the outside, things can look completely different on the inside. Gemini is probably the best-known zodiac sign with the “two faces”.

But there are other zodiac signs that have a complex nature and don’t always find access to their true feelings.


People with the zodiac sign Gemini are known for their ambivalent nature. They are curious, mercurial and interested in many things. It is not uncommon for them to come into conflict with themselves because their needs sometimes seem contradictory.

This inconsistency causes them to lose their emotional compass and become unsure of their own feelings. True to the motto: here today, there tomorrow. So it’s no wonder that they are considered the zodiac sign with two faces.


The zodiac sign Pisces cannot be missing from the list of zodiac signs with two faces . Pisces are considered to be the most adaptable of all the zodiac signs. They slip into new roles and thrive in them.

This makes it difficult for those around you to fully understand them. The moment you think you have understood them, they begin to behave in completely new ways. Fish can have not just two faces, but countless faces.


It may surprise some people, but Capricorn is also one of the zodiac signs with two faces. Why? Because he can hide his innermost being like no other sign of the zodiac.

On the outside he appears taciturn and calm, while inside he can be raging. His sobriety and superficial rationality make it difficult to get close to him. This can be a problem, especially in relationships.

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