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Here’s How Different Zodiac Signs React To Cheating

Some decide to take their own life when their loved one cheats on them, while others themselves are not averse to having an affair on the side, and therefore are loyal to their partner’s adventures. Find out how different signs react when they find out their partner is cheating!


Aries are quite self-confident, and when they learn about betrayal they will be furious. The most interesting thing is that Aries himself does not consider it so terrible to go to the left, for his part. They even admit that they can do this. But if Aries has sincere feelings for their partner, then they will not allow themselves to do this.


The news of cheating can be a big blow for a Taurus because they are used to doing everything for the happiness of their partner. And why, pray tell, is there such injustice towards them?

But if Taurus is not married, then he may well go for a walk on his own. And this may be more than one romance.


Loyalty is not for all Geminis. Some, oddly enough, are faithful to their partner to the core, while others may be more free about relationships. It all depends on what days they were born. But their partner’s infidelity can lead them into a state of insane anger.


For Cancer, marriage is sacred, and he will never cheat (even if he wants to). And, naturally, the betrayal of a loved one can lead him into a state of real shock, from which it will not be easy for him to get out of it.


Leo is quite calm about betrayal on his part, but the main rule is: So that no one finds out! But betrayal on the part of a partner will be perceived as a personal insult. How can you choose someone else over him?


These are the people who criticize betrayal always and everywhere. However, nothing human is alien to them, and they are quite capable of having a fleeting affair on the side. They, but Virgo’s partners are not recommended to do this, they will eat you.


They never mind cheating, and they do it so professionally that they are rarely caught. And Libra is one of the few who can understand their partner who cheated on them.


He can be either very flighty or, on the contrary, pathologically faithful. But they absolutely cannot tolerate their partner’s betrayal, and instantly lose their temper. If you live with a Scorpio, it’s better not to take risks – otherwise, he will, of course, tie you to the battery.


Treason is something of an adventure. And Sagittarians love adventures very much and are always ready for them. Therefore, by the way, long-term relationships for Sagittarius are very rare. But if they have already started them, they are unlikely to demand fidelity from their partner.


If Capricorn is good in a relationship, he will not cheat. If it’s bad, then I’m sorry. But they are unlikely to approve of their partner’s betrayal – this event will be very painful for them since they trust their partner completely.


Aquarius’ betrayal is more moral than physical. Therefore, he will fantasize about someone, but will not take active action. But if a loved one cheats on them, they will take revenge.


If they are not happy with something in a relationship, they will change without hesitation. However, they have ambivalent attitudes towards their partner’s betrayal. Since a spiritual connection is of particular importance to them, they can forgive an affair with a partner on the side, but not love for another person.

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