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Here’s The Lunar Horoscope For All Zodiac Signs From November 20 To 26.

Use our astrological tips to plan a successful week.

In the first half of the week, your attention will be attracted to everything mysterious, mysterious, inexplicable. You will want to resume reading books on popular psychology or astrology. Work and personal relationships will enjoy progress if you show attentiveness and compassion to your partners. The second half of the week will be filled with determination.

Monday, 20.11

Beware of manipulation by dishonest people. They may suddenly be among your new acquaintances. Your mood now depends on what you see around you. At the beginning of the week, you will not be able to ignore other people’s complaints: you will help, if possible, everyone who asks for it. There is nothing wrong with such a reaction, the only thing is to try to analyze the behavior and words of those you are meeting halfway. They might want to deceive you. Otherwise, you will quickly scatter your strength or become very upset when you realize that you have been taken advantage of.

Tuesday, 21.11

Listen to your body more often, especially if it is sending alarming signals. Adhere to the principles of healthy eating, for example, pay attention to expiration dates, this will help you choose quality products. Try not to eat in public places on this day: some unusual ingredients can cause allergies or even cause food poisoning. If you are undergoing treatment, follow the dosage of medications prescribed by your doctor. Don’t self-medicate.

Wednesday, 22.11

The middle of the week is a great time for creative self-realization. Even hopeless techies will catch inspiration on this day and want to immerse themselves in the creative process. With such impulses, you should not limit yourself. It’s better, on the contrary, to give in to the desire to create and set up a temporary mini-studio at home or sign up for an appropriate master class or courses. Also on this day, water treatments will bring benefits: a swimming pool, a contrast shower, or a relaxing bath.

Thursday, 23.11

A day of hesitation, hesitation, and self-doubt. It will become difficult to stick to your plans: those around you will constantly make you doubt the correctness of your actions, and you will have a desire to cancel everything. But you don’t need to give in to such sentiments: If you find the strength to resist outside pressure, the results of perseverance will outweigh criticism. Disputes with business partners are likely. If you can’t make a decision, find an opportunity to postpone this moment.

Friday, 24.11

From the very morning energy will be in full swing. This day is suitable for resuming or starting regular physical activity. Overcome your laziness, choose a sport and a convenient time. It doesn’t have to be something super active and powerful. Breathing exercises or gentle stretching are quite suitable: the main thing is to do this every day. During the process, listen to how your body reacts to the load: this will become the best guide. Ideally, training should be fun and become an enjoyable part of the day.

Saturday, 25.11

A favorable moment for homework, in particular culinary experiments. Be sure to set aside time to, say, make preparations for the winter or prepare some unusual dish in the company of loved ones. Such a pastime will help you get closer, discuss current issues and at the same time enjoy delicious food. It is better if it is light food with a lot of vegetables or fruits.

Sunday, 26.11

Stay away from shops and shopping centers – large spontaneous expenses are likely. Even planned shopping on this day can get out of control. As a result, you will spend more than you expected, and your purchases will be unsuccessful: things will quickly become unusable or unnecessary. You can also give yourself a fasting day at the end of the week: eat less flour and fatty foods.

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