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Here’s Why You Should Never Tell These Astrological Signs Any Secrets

You thought you could trust them and they rushed to repeat to anyone who would listen to everything you had said: “Off the record”. Don’t make the same mistake again.

They are the queens of “oops, I missed that”. “Sorry, I thought everyone knew”. You gave them your trust by delivering what was on your heart, but they couldn’t hold their tongue. They are the talkative type and don’t always control their words. It’s not their fault if they didn’t realize right away that sending your worst secrets to Gossip Girl wasn’t the idea of ​​the century. What do you want, they thought they were doing the right thing… Tired of seeing your confidence displayed on the public stage? Astrology helps you identify them to better understand them. A way to preserve your secret garden. Don’t thank us, it’s all written in the stars.


Better to know the sentence before granting your friendship to an Aries. She is the go-getter friend, cash and direct. A budding chef, she likes to have control even over your own life. Remember that Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the one that drives renewal. His passion is therefore to push you to exploit your potential. Yes, she doesn’t know the boundaries or the meaning of the term personal space. No, she won’t hide from your crush that you’re secretly thinking about him if she sees that it can be mutual.

If it can sometimes seem exhausting and stifling, at least we will give him credit for trying for you when you don’t dare. You should see your Aries friend as a support, always present at your side, even when you haven’t asked her for anything. “Surprise, I orchestrated everything so that you would host a conference in front of 200 people,” she will dare to tell you when the day before you were confessing your panicked fear of speaking in public. At least with her, life is full of surprises.


Gemini is a sign ruled by the planet Mercury, a star of speech and communication. Your girlfriend born under this sign has mastered the art of words. You find that she is easy to communicate with and that it is easy to say what is in your heart with her. It’s normal, her aura as an outstanding speaker is unparalleled. Problem: it’s a bit like that with everyone. So obviously what you entrust to him never stays in his hands for long. She talks, she talks and she laughs. From one minute to the next, it’s fatal: all your secrets become topics for debate in a lively evening. And the worst part of all this is that she absolutely won’t see what the problem is.

“Oh it’s okay, you have nothing to be ashamed of,” the Gemini will retort as you try to reprimand her. With her, no secrecy. What is stated to one may be stated to another. Even more, what you keep inside you must be uninhibited to be able to laugh about it. After all, Gemini is an optimistic and humorous sign. His defense system against fear, stress, or doubt is to ridicule it. Yes, like in “Harry Potter” with the boggart!


The great peacemaker of the zodiac, Libra flees conflict like the plague. His role in a group: organize speaking circles where “everyone must say a compliment about the other”. If you can trust him to listen to you and support you in all your bad plans, he may also play with words to try to beautify your life. Some find her a liar. She omits it for fear of hurting people. Others find her too talkative. She will slip in information that does not belong to her just to reassure the person in front of her.

In short, she could easily slip to your significant other that you told her you were starting to look at engagement rings, if she senses that your other half is panicking and hesitant. “I shouldn’t tell you, but rest assured she loves you because…” It’s her way of sharing your secrets. Like the other bad students on this list, she thought she was doing well. The same thing when she admitted to her parents that her sister had a new crush to avoid being grilled about her own life. It’s recurring with her. Libra balances to avoid potential problems. Everyone has their technique!

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