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Horoscope For All Zodiac Signs From October 16 To 22

Taurus needs to talk less and keep their thoughts to themselves, Virgo needs to curb their irritability and excessive emotions, and Pisces can cheer up their mood with shopping.


Harmony. In the coming week, you will truly be a model of diplomacy and tolerance. The desire to maintain peace and hush up all existing problems may prevail over the need to show one’s dissatisfaction, especially on some sensitive issues. You need to find a reasonable balance that allows you to discuss the issues that concern you while still taking into account the feelings of other people. You will be able to reconcile quarreling relatives.

Lucky days: 10/18, 10/22


Stealth. You may find it easier to keep certain information to yourself. But is this right? Here’s a question you may be faced with that most likely doesn’t have an easy answer. What you want to share will cause strong emotions in your interlocutor. And that’s exactly what you might want to avoid. A favorable combination of energies will help you tune in to others, and choose the right words and intonation.

Lucky days: 16.10, 20.10


Prospects. Have you found your purpose in life? No matter how you feel about your work or personal goals, you may be wondering, “How can I achieve more? » Idealistic Neptune and its ongoing connection with Pluto will inspire you to try something new this week. Think: what interests you most? Focus on how to make it a part of your life. If you show persistence, everything will work out.

Lucky days: 19.10, 21.10


Leisure. The Moon in Taurus will have a calming effect on you, inspiring you to go out with friends or attend interesting events. This is the time when you can relax and even do nothing – except what gives you true pleasure. Don’t forget that at the beginning of the week the Moon will be facing Pluto. So if something is bothering you, talking to a trusted confidant can help you let it go.

Lucky days: 20.10, 22.10


Pause. You may be finding it very difficult right now to ignore your constant feelings of anxiety and desire to withdraw into the shadows. The influence of Fiery Mars on your sign can cause mental fatigue. Taking a short break is one of the best ways to unwind and engage in more vigorous physical activity. Whether it’s a few hours, a whole day, or more, you’ll soon feel refreshed and focused on achieving your goals.

Lucky days: 17.10, 21.10


Emotions. Your feelings can be very strong, and under the influence of a tense Moon-Pluto conjunction, you will become even more irritable. This can lead to you lashing out at someone if you don’t try to stay calm. There’s another reason why you’d better control yourself now: Mars in tactful Libra indicates that you’ll feel guilty if you don’t control yourself.

Lucky days: 16.10, 19.10


Calmness. Is someone openly trying to annoy you? Hostile people may seem to go out of their way to get a response. A cool and reasonable approach can completely rid you of other people’s influence. You just need to distance yourself as much as possible from any provocateurs. Most likely, you have much more important things to do, so ignoring other people’s comments will be the best solution.

Lucky days: 10/18, 10/22


Work. In professional matters, you can seriously harm yourself if you blame yourself for everything that goes wrong. Calmness and self-loyalty are the only correct tactics when dealing with colleagues and superiors. Being strict with yourself will not do you any good. Mars in the personal zone of your horoscope advises you to let go of the situation since in this case, you will have the clarity to quickly solve any problems and find the right answers.

Lucky days: 20.10, 21.10


Conflicts. Be as restrained and careful as possible. Rash statements will lead to troubles that could have been avoided. Pausing to understand the situation will lead to a more positive outcome. The Moon in Sensual Taurus suggests a calm, thoughtful, and practical approach to solving any problems. This is much smarter than hasty decisions, harsh actions, and emotional words.

Lucky days: 17.10, 22.10


Family. If you need to clarify the situation when communicating with close relatives, do it as tactfully as possible. Better yet, show delicacy, understanding, and gentleness, as this will contribute to productive cooperation. This week, however, the Moon’s interaction with Pluto will make it easier said than done. One of the family members is ready to incite conflict. Take the initiative and start the conversation in a conciliatory, positive way.

Lucky days: 10/18, 10/19


Quarrel. You should not get into a verbal fight in which you may lose. But this is exactly what will happen if you allow your emotions to get the better of you. No matter how much a particular situation or person irritates you, someone’s outside influence will tell you the right prospects and the right line of behavior. In a few days, you will understand why this was so important. Try to extinguish any conflict and bring the parties to reconciliation.

Lucky days: 10/18, 10/22


Shopping. During this period, you will be flooded with unpleasant thoughts and memories, and there is a danger of falling into despondency. Use a proven recipe – go shopping to suppress the feelings that torment you. This is one way to cope with depression, but of course not the only one. Try taking a few minutes during the day to think about why you’re on edge. It might be better to do something more constructive and actionable.

Lucky days: 19.10, 20.10

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