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Horoscope For The Week Of November 20-26

What new things will happen in your life in the next seven days, according to the astrological forecast?


Health. Your body will now require special attention. Aggravated chronic illnesses will force you to lead a more closed lifestyle and reduce physical and nervous stress to a minimum. Some active plans planned for this week will have to be canceled or postponed to another time. Take special care of your spine, joints, and eyes, and try not to get too cold. Your mood may worsen; you should not succumb to the onset of depression.

Lucky days: 21.11, 25.11


Friends. This coming week you will be more reserved in your contacts with close friends and acquaintances. Relations with some of them will strengthen, and with some, they will fade, to the point of mutual cooling. You better not show too much initiative now. Try to calm down and follow the lead of the circumstances: how they develop, so act. Sharp, thoughtless actions will only worsen the situation, trust fate and your luck.

Lucky days: 20.11, 24.11


Achievements. This week you will remember more than once the saying that you can’t jump over your head. But the place at work and in the professional environment that you have already taken will turn out to be very strong. Enlist the support of your immediate superior. You should not argue on any issue and defend your opinion too ardently. Now is a good time to learn the art of compromise. This will pay more dividends than being too principled.

Lucky days: 20.11, 21.11


Education. Your head will be clear, your thoughts will be reasonable and clear, and many difficulties will seem not so insurmountable. During this period, resolve issues related to your studies. This is a good time to reach an understanding with teachers, pass the accumulated “tails”, and choose the most suitable lesson mode. And if you don’t study anywhere officially, just read more and broaden your horizons. Long trips, educational excursions, and lectures will be successful.

Lucky days: 21.11, 25.11


Trial. A difficult period is ahead when you will need to show not only firmness but also patience. It’s your turn to overcome difficulties. Most likely, problems have accumulated, and now it will be necessary to solve them – perhaps all at once. You will need perseverance and fearlessness. Don’t be afraid to argue and even go into conflict if other methods don’t work. The inspiring results of such tactics will appear shortly, let this encourage you.

Lucky days: 23.11, 24.11


Contacts. If you didn’t know before what feeling is usually called loneliness in a crowd, now you will get the clearest idea about it. Despite your many acquaintances, business partners, and even your other half, these days you will feel very lonely. Oddly enough, this will do you good. Perhaps the time has come not to communicate with everyone in a row – this way you will better understand what you need. The right people will remain nearby.

Lucky days: 11/25, 11/26


Tone. Take advantage of this favorable period to improve your physical condition. It’s time to acquire good habits and get rid of bad ones forever. For example, start doing exercises in the fresh air every day or introduce jogging into your daily routine. At a minimum, balance your diet. Do you want more? Stop smoking or other bad habits. You will see the result very quickly.

Lucky days: 22.11, 24.11


Family. Those who have children face a difficult challenge. On some days of the week, you will consider yourself a useless teacher – disappointment in your offspring and your relationship with them will be very upsetting. You can even minimize communication with them. You shouldn’t make hasty conclusions. All disagreements are temporary and tied to a specific situation. By the end of the week, you will forget about your doubts and have carefree fun with your children.

Lucky days: 20.11, 23.11


Relatives. This week you will have to spend more time within the walls of your home. Perhaps you will immerse yourself deeper into relationships with your household members than usual and will pay more attention to the relationships between them. The composition of the family may temporarily decrease: perhaps one of the relatives will decide to try to live separately. In any case, try not to let the relationship between you cool down, try to get everyone together more often.

Lucky days: 21.11, 23.11


Communication. You will feel a lack of attention. It will seem that you don’t have many friends, that you are no longer interesting to others, and they don’t want to spend time with you. This may be true now, but it is not a disaster. There is no need to try with all your might to expand your inner circle by involving completely random people. Moreover, during this period, relationships with neighbors, relatives, and old friends will only strengthen.

Lucky days: 20.11, 24.11


Money. The situation is unusual for you, but this happens to everyone. Now you will feel strapped for money. Because of this, some plans will remain unfulfilled for now. It’s okay, over time the balance of your budget will be restored. In the meantime, it is useful to develop the habit of saving. By the end of the week, your financial situation will improve and you will become more free to spend. And the accumulated funds will give you a sense of self-confidence.

Lucky days: 20.11, 21.11


Independence. This week you will have a chance to test in practice whether you can cope with difficulties on your own. Endurance and patience will help. There is no need to rush and fuss: it is better to let the situation mature. This behavior is unusual for you, so you will feel inner agitation and some self-doubt. Don’t give in to fears, you will succeed. A good period to start hardening the body. For example, introduce a contrast shower into your daily routine.

Lucky days: 21.11, 24.11

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