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Horoscope: Mid-April Brings Luck To These Three Astrological Signs

New projects, meetings, or charisma that will make the rest of the zodiac pale. These three astrological signs benefit from the best energies to have good times between April 11 and 17, 2024.

More fiery than ever, Aries season invites us to push back the barriers. Do you feel full of energy? Ready to change everything and write a new chapter in your life? No need to look very far, astrology has all the keys to explain to you what is happening. The recent solar eclipse of April 8 coupled with the New Moon in Aries unblocked the situation. After a period of doubt and a winter of focusing on introspection, the machine restarts. And it’s not necessarily smooth. The planets are concentrated in the sign of Fire. The atmosphere becomes electric. Mercury retrograde causes hiccups and ups and downs to encourage us to readjust our plans. We see our relationships differently. Old ties are unraveling, others are intensifying. Breakup or reconciliation, everything is possible. Even with exes… For her part, Venus (love) pushes us to listen to ourselves a little more and to dive headfirst into the ultimate love affair. Venus in Aries is known for bringing back passion. It’s exciting, but it goes quickly.

The week of April 11 to 17, 2024 is also marked by a rare astrological phenomenon. Like every 14 years, Jupiter and Uranus meet in the sky. When luck and upheavals become one, a whole world reinvents itself. The last time this event took place, the Arab Spring was shaking up the geopolitical organization. If we can expect changes on a collective level, on the personal side too it risks impacting us. So better buckle up and prepare for the transformation. Nothing serious though, it can also be a matter of small adjustments that will allow us to think outside the box. In short, you will have understood, that the week is full of energy. Everything remains to be written and three astrological signs have assimilated this well since for them, great revolutions could take place. Luck is on their side, at least that’s what Jean-Yves Espié explains in his horoscope.


If there is one sign that rubs its hands when we talk to it about changes and upheavals, it’s Aquarius. King of adaptation and revolutionary at heart, this Air sign controlled by Uranus (transformation) has the gift of adapting to all situations. This week, he benefits from a boost from the sky: “When the Sun and Mercury meet in the sky, it is a good time to come out of your reserves,” warns the astrologer. No need to look very far, Aquarius is ready to rush toward something new. He seeks to do things differently and stand out.

In his momentum, the Sun brings him “assurance and warmth”. He knows how to give his interlocutors confidence to move his pawns and develop his strategy. Better: he is more charismatic than ever and his ambition takes over. Mercury (communication) is responsible for facilitating their exchanges while accentuating their sense of adaptation. No matter the situation in which he finds himself, Aquarius has all the keys to moving towards success. Like a true chameleon, he multiplies good ideas and establishes himself as the sign capable of finding solutions to all problems. “If certain choices are complex, let yourself be guided by your intuition,” advises Jean-Yves Espié. Translation: he can trust himself. Luck is on his side.


He masters the art of finding the right words and making others smile. In the coming days, Gemini’s social skills will propel him to the forefront. It must be said that the planets have given each other the word to help it shine. “The Sun, Mercury, and Venus pass into an accomplice sector, this results in increasing vitality and a liveliness of mind that is familiar to you,” underlines the astrologer. What to remember from this charming alignment with your friend Aries? Gemini is more creative than ever. This hyperactive person who stops at nothing brushes aside all the potential hazards caused by Mercury retrograde at the moment. This gives rise to innovative projects, constructive meetings, and new encounters.

He can count on the support of Venus to seduce and convince. “Concerning the planet of love, its influence favors charm and luck on the relational level in general, and the emotional level in particular. »Whether he is single or in a relationship, Gemini is on the right track to experience beautiful and good times with his crush. Venus in Aries awakens passion and rekindles the flame. The atmosphere is festive. It’s invigorating and fun. Everything you need to forget routine for a moment by giving in to all the pleasures.


Usually, Capricorn prefers to anticipate what happens next than to live in the present moment. However, decisions must be made to move on to the next step. Right now, the stars are the type to disrupt plans. You might think that Capricorn would have difficulty finding his way in this cosmic mix-up. It is not so. “With Jupiter and Uranus conjoining, you benefit from a protective climate on social and professional levels. » Everything is rolling in his universe. He benefits from the alliance between luck and creativity to come out of his shell and change his trajectory when necessary. “The rarity of the phenomenon deserves that we react quickly and that you trust your lucky star,” insists the astrologer.

For Jean-Yves Espié, there is no doubt: Capricorn has everything to gain this week. He can take advantage of this positive climate to consolidate his position. Whether at work or in his private life, he has a clear mind. He knows what he wants from now on and has all the cards in hand to make his plans a reality. It will therefore be a shame to miss out on this great opportunity, even if he does not really believe in the concept of luck, but only in rewarded work.

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