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Horoscope: Mid-October Promises To Be Complicated For These Two Astrological Signs

There are days with it and days without it. For these two astrological signs, next week will be mostly “without”. Well, that’s if they can’t follow Jean-Yves Espié’s advice.

Tension in the zodiac. The stars cannot always have a positive influence on what happens on Earth. It sometimes happens that all the planets start to create hiccups and setbacks that prevent certain astrological signs from moving forward as they wish. It’s intense, complicated, stressful, and not always very funny. Fortunately, astrologer Jean-Yves Espié is here to share his little tips to help them better understand their daily lives through their horoscope. Who will be the signs most disadvantaged by the energies of the week of October 12 to 18, 2023? Why isn’t it that bad? How to reverse the trend? All the answers are written in the stars, you just have to discover the translation.


This weekend, the New Moon in Libra undermines Earth signs. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn who dreamed of spending a quiet weekend are somewhat upset by the very extroverted side of Libra. Result: they start the week on their knees. It’s not easy for our Taurus friend to manage to keep calm. He who values ​​his peace so much is tired and his nerves are on edge. The sky doesn’t help anything… The astrologer explains: “The arrival of Mars often encourages impatience. » Taurus has every interest in taking a step back and weighing his words. “Don’t decide anything in a hurry,” even advises the astrologer.

Taurus has a great card to play, which is why he must not lose sight of his objective. “It’s about consolidating your positions as part of a collective project. » To achieve this, he will have to be patient and abandon his legendary stubbornness. He can count on the support of Venus in Virgo to help him calm down and be more attentive to others. In other words: we take a step towards each other, we give each other breaks and we stop saying “no” just because we want to be alone. Great opportunities present themselves to you, you just have to stay open-minded so as not to see the doors close.


He likes to hang out, party, and shine in society. Leo is one of those astrological signs that doesn’t like to deal with the hassles of everyday life. When Heaven asks him to be a bit more meticulous than usual, nothing works. This week, it’s Jupiter, the planet of luck, which is making some moves. His “contrarian influence”, as Jean-Yves Espié points out, pushes the Lion to do the math. “ Jupiter invites you to avoid risky investments and impulsive spending. » If the New Moon in Libra this Saturday pushes Leo to follow the voice of the heart and to indulge without thinking too much, Leo will have to calm his ardor.

Everything starts, however, from a good feeling: it is his “excess of generosity” that could land him in trouble. But Leo must understand and above all learn that this is not how he will be able to conquer the hearts of those close to him. “Let yourself be appreciated for your kindness which does so much good to those who love you. » We take our troubles patiently, we calculate and we do not give in to little follies at the risk of being completely deprived once the kiss comes. We will therefore have to stay on target and concentrate a little more. He can count on the support of the Sun in Libra. This week, he helps Leo gain self-confidence. “The supportive Sun will help you gain charisma and confidence. » We then simply enjoy the present moment while remaining reasonable. At least until next week.

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