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Horoscope: The Arrival Of October Brings Luck To These Three Astrological Signs

The end of September awakens in us a desire for change. For some, this can be scary, for others, it is the promise of a bright future. Here are the astrological signs that will be in top form between September 28 and October 4, 2023.

Every week, it’s the same story. Cosmic energies come and go, alternately causing lucky days or bouts of stress. To help us understand what is happening in the sky, astrologer Jean-Yves Espié shares his forecasts. A horoscope full of good vibes helps us draw up a list of the luckiest astrological signs of the week. Who will be at the top of the rankings at the end of September? Who will be lucky enough to sign a new contract or find love? The answer without further delay.


The week begins with a phenomenon that wishes us good: the Full Moon in Aries. By reaching its peak, the night star helps us reveal all the power that lies dormant within us. It guides us towards more authenticity, pushes us to reveal our true faces, and listens to our most deeply rooted desires. The energies are electric and intense, but they promise great developments. A new era is about to begin. A new month, too. While the Venus/Uranus square, which has been active since mid-July, continues to make us rethink our perception of the world, the appearance of the Sun in Libra begins to change the rules of the game. It is now a question of diving into gentle autumn to (re)find your balance.

The week is conducive to bringing hearts closer and opening our horizons. While it is important to remain vigilant – Neptune retrograde in Pisces still sows doubt in our minds and creates confusion – we might want to take the time to understand others. The discussions will be constructive and peaceful. There is more understanding and more listening than usual. Everyone seeks to feed on the strength of others. The highlight of the show, the next few days is marked by a great association. That of Venus (love) with Juno (marriage, union). “The question of commitment and our partner will be at the center this week,” warns the astrologer @Plutonienne on her Twitter account. Everything that has been initiated on the heart side in recent months (breakup, questioning, meeting, etc.) could finally come to fruition. Single or in a relationship, everything can change for good. Top hearts!


It is the most regal of the signs of the zodiac. He is said to be a lover of rhinestones and sequins, of gold and the Sun. This week, Leo proves to us once again that with him, everything is bright. “When the solar star passes through a supportive sector, it brings you joy of life,” admits astrologer Jean-Yves Espié. And a happy Leo is a generous Leo. As a result, his smile is communicative and motivating for everyone around him. The energies motivate Leo to “take your loved ones along with you.” It’s as cheerful as it is exciting. Great adventures could then emerge.

Yes, in the universe of this Fire sign, everything is electrifying. “You have increasing energy to deliver on all fronts thanks to the energizing support of Mars. » More confident, Leo sets course for new objectives. He listens to his desires, shares his ideas, and succeeds in convincing his audience to follow him to the ends of the earth if necessary. He takes the opportunity to have a whole bunch of discussions, each of which turns out to be more productive than the last. Enough to improve your professional situation. The opportunity, too, to soothe hearts and remind his loved ones how much he cares for them. With such a situation, the potential quarrels that have been lingering should (finally) come to an end. The only rule to follow: listen and take full advantage of these beautiful energies!


He is all fire, all flame, and well known for his legendary jokes. Seeing the Sun arrive at his friend Libra, Gemini gets back on track. The planets align above his head to help him spread his wings and regain his splendor. “The Sun, Mars, and Venus form the winning trio you needed to tip the situation in your favor,” warns Jean-Yves Espié. Everything accelerates, and the machine is restarted. We must understand by this that Gemini gains in energy (Sun), audacity (Mars), and diplomacy (Venus). With this light combo, nothing can stop him. “With the red planet, this will not be the time to give up but to rely on this tremendous surge of energy which awakens your most beautiful dispositions. »

He takes the plunge and throws himself into the adventure head-on. Everything is synonymous with luck and success, whether we are talking about one’s private life or the professional field. For what? All the conditions are there to help him put the right words to what he feels. Gemini can more easily pinpoint their desires, share them, and make themselves understood. Better, it is in the exchange above all. Enough to allow him to realize his greatest wishes gently. His mind becomes clearer, he is better able to prioritize and organize himself. Enough to leave him free rein to move forward in the direction he chooses. It’s all about balance! At least that’s what Libra season seeks to teach. ” Up to you! »


Sagittarius is popular and he intends to take advantage of it. In the sky, the planets are responsible for sending it an anthology of good vibes to help it shine. “Venus, the Sun, and Mars form an astral conjunction that will put a smile on your face. » To him the good news and the nice surprises. “Take advantage of this to advance what is important to you. » If ordinarily, Sagittarius tends to get scattered, the time has come for him to set a course and stick to it. How? Start by asking yourself the right questions. What does he want? Who does he want to move forward with and in what direction? The Full Moon in Aries should help him find the answers he’s been waiting for. This event has the effect of a boost for the last Fire sign. Here he is determined to embark on a new story.

“Your warm and optimistic approach will gain support more easily than you imagined,” promises Jean-Yves Espié. What should we understand behind all this? Sagittarius has all the cards in hand to succeed in making their dreams come true. On the heart side, if doubts persisted, he is now ready to take the plunge. His crush could well become his soul mate. Flirting risks turning into romance. The love story might involve more commitment. On the professional side, the same observation: the negotiations are leaning in his favor. He manages to take on everyone in his path. Mars and Venus are responsible for boosting his sympathy capital and potentially his bank account. To achieve his goals, he has only one mission: “Compliment your loved ones more to better motivate them. » We know this cheerful, optimistic, and charming fellow. So it shouldn’t be too complicated to do. And if that’s not luck…

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